We believe in the power of education

Learn more Well-informed people can make conscious life-decisions.

Heliconia Scholarships enable growth

Learn more by financing four years of studying at an Indonesian university for youngsters from shelters.

Studying empowers

Learn more It enables youngsters to trust in themselves, develop their personal skills and apply for a good job.

We are a dedicated community

Learn more Students, graduates, cooperation partners and board members share a personal band of commitment and friendship.

Studying should be accessible for all

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Welcome to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation

For higher education in Indonesia

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation provides Heliconia Scholarships to youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds in Jakarta, so that they can study at an Indonesian university. We support talented and ambitious young adults from shelters, who do otherwise not have the opportunity to study.

The foundation is named after the colourful heliconia flower, which is common in Asia and also called ‘stairway to heaven’, due to its typical shape. This makes it a beautiful symbol for our mission:

‘Offering youngsters the opportunity to take a step up the social ladder’.  

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What our students say

– Labi –
Heliconia really changed my life, because I used to think that I would only be a high school graduate. Thanks to Heliconia I can now be more confident, because I can study for a bachelor’s degree.
– Yemima –
My goal is to become a social activist. I hope that with the knowledge that I gain at university, I can commit to resolve social issues in Indonesia, to help develop my country, and be useful to others in the future.
– Vana –
After graduating, I want to be a teacher, because they help children to become intelligent, achieving and able to build the nation. I want to make Indonesia better. I hope the foundation can continue to help other children like me. I am here because of Heliconia.
– Sefta –
I was very happy and grateful when Heliconia gave me the opportunity to continue my study. My happiness did not stop there, because I could also choose my dream university.
– Veronica –
Studying at university enabled me to get a good job and reunite with my mother. After being seperated since my childhood, I can now take care of her and we finally live together in Jakarta.