First Heliconia baby born: Ruby!

On 22 June 2019, our founder and cooperation partner Mili Chana gave birth to her first child: Ruby. Congratulations Mili! After getting married in 2017, she and her husband are very happy to welcome their beautiful daughter into the family. Mili will dedicate herself to motherhood in the upcoming period. Cooperation partner Naomi Indah Sari takes over her duties, together with the graduates. Mili will remain connected to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation by chat and email, so that work topics can still be discussed in the group.

Ruby is the first baby born in the Heliconia Community. Founders Mili and Carli Kooper are both very touched by the fact that they have grown from high school graduates to first-time parent and auntie together.  They are looking forward to growing together in many more new life phases to come. All love and joy to you, Mili, Ruby and husband!

Baby drawing: Shutterstock. Picture: proud mommy Mili.


Carli is our operational manager and founder of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. She is responsible for the daily management of our charity, upkeeps our administration and oversees the whole. She is also the contact person for our cooperation partners Naomi and Mili and students in Indonesia. In addition, she created the website and writes news updates. Learn more about her by clicking on her profile in Our Team!