First Heliconia student: Susanah

For the academic year 2010-2011 we have selected the first student to study with a Heliconia Scholarship (apart from cooperation partner Mili): Susanah!

Susanah grew up in Dorkas shelter in Jakarta. She graduated from high school with excellent grades and is very driven to continue in tertiary education. She is now studying Accountancy at the Satya Wacana University in Salatiga, a quiet and green town in central Java. She already scored her first grades, four A’s, an AB and B. Congratulations Susanah, well done!

Selection of candidates is always done in consultation with Mili, the boards of the shelters, the children and their remaining relatives. Read more about our selection procedure.

Picture: Susanah and one of her lecturers at the Satya Wacana University in Salatiga (2011).


Carli is our operational manager and founder of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. She is responsible for the daily management of our charity, upkeeps our administration and oversees the whole. She is also the contact person for our cooperation partners Naomi and Mili and students in Indonesia. In addition, she created the website and writes news updates. Learn more about her by clicking on her profile in Our Team!