The Heliconia Scholarship

finances four years of studying at an Indonesian university for youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Heliconia Scholarship

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to youngsters from shelters in Jakarta, so that they can study at an Indonesian university. The Heliconia Scholarship consists of the annual tuition fee and, if necessary, extra allowances during the entire study period. Throughout their studies, our students receive close support and guidance from Our Team and the Heliconia Community. A study usually lasts four years.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for one year of studying differs considerably per major and university. Public universities have lower tuition fees and are better accredited than private universities, but are more difficult to access due to high admission requirements and a limited number of available places. Currently, all our students study at private universities.


When needed, students receive allowances. They can request this after consultation with our cooperation partners. The allowance is intended for additional study costs, such as study books, workshops and seminars, transportation costs and accommodation, and is allocated when a student has insufficient means to meet these costs. Allowances are transferred from our Indonesian bank account to the personal bank accounts of the students. Students hand in receipts of their extra expenditures. Our financial reports state how much we have spent per student on allowances.

Guidance and Support

The Heliconia Scholarship also includes intensive support and guidance for our students, throughout their entire study period. The support includes that our cooperation partners maintain weekly contact with the students, inquire about their wellbeing and keep track of how their studies are progressing. Evaluation interviews are held every semester, in which our graduates are also present, to share their knowledge and skills with the students. This personal guidance is of great importance to our students, because it encourages them to get the best out of themselves. It also builds a bond of trust, so that they feel safe to share their feelings with us, also when they face difficulties.

Indication Study Costs

We strive to help as many young adults as possible. That is why we ask candidates to register for universities with a good price-quality ratio. Yet it sometimes happens that a candidate is only admitted to a university where the price-quality ratio is less optimal. We can agree to relatively high study costs, if the alternative is that a candidate cannot study at all. The decision on whether we can finance a study or not is always taken in consultation with our cooperation partners, our experts in the field.

Indications total study costs in the academic year 2019 – 2020

Economics at the private Universitas Tarumanagara:

  • One academic year: €1.875,- (Rp. 14.500.000 per semester, Rp. 29.000.000 per year).
  • Registration costs (only in the first year): €1.614,- (Rp. 25.000.000).
  • Annual allowances: €50,-.
  • Selection, guidance & administration: €750,-.
  • Full study of four years (tuition fees, registration costs, annual allowances and guidance & administration): €12.314,-.

Economics at the public Universitas Negeri Jakarta:

  • One academic year: €830,- (Rp. 6.400.00 per semester, Rp. 12.800.000 per year).
  • Annual allowances: €50,-.
  • Selection, guidance & administration: €750,-.
  • Full study of four years (tuition fees, annual allowances and guidance & administration): €6.520,-.

Selection of Candidates

All our working methods have been developed in collaboration with Mili Chana and Naomi Indah Sari, our cooperation partners in Indonesia. In addition, our graduates are involved in the selection and guidance of new students as mentors, and are being encouraged to share their ideas and visions, so we can constantly improve our working methods. After a selection procedure, the youngsters that are eligible for a Heliconia Scholarship are registered at the universities and studies of their choice. The tuition fee is paid by the foundation and when necessary the students receive allowances. Throughout  their studies, students submit progress reports and hand in their grades, so we can monitor their study process and assist when necessary.