Graduate Veronica got married

Graduate Veronica got married to the man she loves, Yeremia, in Jakarta on December 11th, 2020. Happy wedding dear Vero! Vero received the Heliconia Scholarship from 2012 to 2016. She studied Nutritional Science at Universitas Indonesia. Now she works as a Senior Dietitian at Shape Up Indonesia in Jakarta. She also volunteers herself as a mentor for the recent students who study with a Heliconia Scholarship. The members of the board and cooperation partners of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation are very happy for her and her beloved husband!

We wish you have a wonderful married life! Congratulations!

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation gave me what I really needed, a chance for higher education and accommodation during my time as a student. Heliconia taught me to have responsibility and to care for each other. Heliconia supported me like a family until the day of my wedding.


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