Accountancy (2020)

My name is Nethania, I’m from Hati Suci Shelter. Now I study at Trisakti University, majoring in Accounting. I started studying in 2020 and I will finish college in 2024. I’m very lucky to be chosen by the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation to receive a scholarship to continue my education at university because I know very well study at university needs a lot of money, so I will never waste this opportunity. I’m the second child of two siblings, I have one sister named Pingkan. We are from a broken-home family, our parents divorced when we were at primary school. After they got divorced, my sister and I stay with my mom in a rented house. We enjoyed the fun and sorrow together.

One day my grandmother and my father contacted my mom and suggested to entrust me and my sister to Hati Suci Shelter. They sent us to the shelter to reduce my mother’s burden and it’s good for our future. When I live in the Hati Suci shelter since I was 7 years old and my sister was 10 years old. I was very sad because I couldn’t meet my mom every day, and I had thought that maybe my parents don’t love us anymore. Day by day I became more mature, and now I know why they did this. Now I’m not sad anymore, I even feel that I’m so lucky living in the shelter.

I’m so grateful that I can study, I have proper food, the shelter also gives us the facilitation to support our hobbies such as futsal, basketball, badminton, table tennis, playing music, and choirs. Because I like to sing, so I chose choir activity. We do performances for several shows, we had performed at Unilever’s office (an international company in Indonesia), and another event when we were invited by SCTV (the national TV station in Indonesia) to sing there.

In the Hati Suci shelter, I get a lot of life lessons, such as to be independent, caring, responsible, discipline, and always grateful. We also have a responsibility to do house chores, such as sweeping the garden, sweeping the rooms, cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, and wash the clothes. All of this makes us more independent. We are also taught to be disciplined, so must be on time for every activity, such as time to sleep, eat and take shower, etc. We are taught to eat anything which has been provided, this teaches us to always be grateful.

Because I’ve been chosen to be a part of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, I promise to give my best and I will not disappoint the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I will try to convince Heliconia that I’m not the wrong choice. Thank you very much to Heliconia for helping me to make my dream come true.


Message from Nethania, December 2020

Time flies so fast, I’m going to start the second semester. The first semester meant a lot to me, I had very funny classmates. Even though the courses were conducted online, and the materials were difficult to be understood, we helped and supported each other when studying, doing assignments, and having exams, and we were always in the same group for assignments.

On December 14th-19th, I had the final exam for the first semester. I had some difficulties such as a short time to answer the exam, and I didn’t understand the material. When the exam was over, I was very happy, so I could have a holiday, and be able to release my anxiety. But I couldn’t calm down yet because I need to wait to get the results of the exam. I hope my scores are good, and so I don’t need to take a remedial class.

In Hati Suci Shelter, this Christmas holiday is different from the previous year. We usually go back to our home to celebrate Christmas with family, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to stay in the shelter. The children in the shelter don’t feel sad, we are happy together. We also don’t feel bored because we spend the holidays with laughter, exercise, play games, watch movies and sometimes bake cakes. When we miss our parents or family at home, we can do some calls. Our parents or family are also allowed to visit us, but they must follow the health protocols. We really enjoy our holidays in the shelter because besides we have fun together, we also receive lots of blessings. We are happy because the caregivers are very kind, they try to make us happy and not feel bored during this holiday. We had dinner together in the shelter to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Sincerely, Nethania



Message from Nethania, November 2020

I want to say thank you to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for trusting me as a grantee of this scholarship by giving me the opportunity to continue my study at university. I know very well that study in college is not easy, this is a golden opportunity for me. I will give my best to Heliconia. I have been accepted at Trisakti University, one of the best universities in Accounting major.

At the beginning of the 1st semester, I have 7 courses. I have classes from Monday to Saturday. At first, I was very excited to go to college and to start new learning with new friends, but since Covid 19 pandemic spread, I haven’t met my new friends until now. We must do online learning by using several platforms that have been determined by the university.

I tried to follow the online learning even though it was difficult, but by the time I think the materials were getting more difficult because I didn’t understand the materials which were presented. It was difficult for me to do the assignments and the exams, but I didn’t give up. With this situation, I keep trying by discussing with my friends and seniors and look for the information through books and the internet.

I had a midterm exam on October 19th – 24th 2020, the exams were online too. The lecturers gave questions on Google classroom, during exams we were supervised by the lecturers on Zoom. When the exams completed, the answers must be handed in before the specified time. I was very nervous during the exam because the lecturers were monitoring us. It was difficult because the time given was so short, and there were some obstacles too in sending the answers.

Even though all activities are online, I really salute my friends and seniors, because even though we have never met but we are already close to each other. We often communicate with each other, my friends and I often sometimes discuss the materials that we don’t understand. We also talk to each other and have some jokes with laughter. I am very happy because the seniors accept us well.

I am so happy too because I could join the Catholic Religious Unit at Trisakti University. We do some activities, such as sharing and play games together. In October 2020, we also had Rosary pray several times online. We organized online mass together and I also became an officer in this organization. This extracurricular is provided for the Catholic students at Trisakti University. From this organization, I was told that whatever the circumstance that we face right now, there is no reason for us to stop praising God. My impression after joining this spiritual extracurricular is that I am very happy because I could get to know my friends more, I become more intimate, and grow my faith together with friends. 

Sincerely, Nethania