Guidance & Counseling (2020)

My Name is Paska and I live at Hati Suci Shelter. I was born in Jakarta in 2001. I currently study at Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atmajaya, majoring in Counseling & Guidance. I started studying in 2020. I’m so grateful because Heliconia would help me, so I can continue my education to a higher level, and I’m also very thankful to receive this opportunity by getting a scholarship, so my parents don’t need to worry about my tuition fee. I choose Counseling & Guidance major with a purpose because I want to be a teacher who creates good characters for the students and I want to finish my college within the regular four years. I want to prove to Heliconia that I can achieve my dreams.

My hobbies are watching movies about history and biography, I like singing too. At school, I practiced many things, I like to play basketball and I was chosen to be the captain. I can sing very well but I’m shy sometimes when singing in front of many people. I also can play guitar since I was in elementary school.

I have a simple family who lives in Tangerang, my father’s name is Hengky Sutanto, and my mother is Gwat Ing. My father only graduated from junior high school and my mother graduated from senior high school. To provide for my family, my father worked as a gas cylinder seller. He was patient, full of love, never give up, and willing to sacrifice, but three years ago, he passed away. When I heard that news, I felt so bad, because he left a substantial debt, while my mother only works as a housewife. My mother can’t work, because she has diabetics that cause her eyes to not see well. But my mother is a strong woman, she is patient, always praying, and loves her children. My parents have four children and I am the 4th child.

When I was a baby, my father had a plan to give me to the Priest at church, because at that time my family’s financial situation was very poor and he was afraid of not being able to pay for my life fees. But he was a very responsible father, so I was not handed over, but I was put in the shelter.

I was moved to the shelter since I was 5 years old. At that time, I did not know the reason why my parents put me in. I’m happy because I have many friends here. When I grew up, I understood why my parents put me here, they did not have enough money for my education, they were afraid I would be like them who only graduated from high school. They want me to get a better education and they hope that I can go to college. In the shelter, I have learned many things. I learned to be disciplined and grateful in life. Even though there were many unpleasant feelings, but I make them as experiences and life lessons to make myself better.

I am very grateful to God that I can get the Heliconia Scholarship to help me to continue my higher education. When I said to my family about this awesome news, they were very happy. They always pray for the best version of myself. I promise to myself, to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, to Hati Suci Shelter, and to all people who support me that I won’t disappoint them. I hope Heliconia can grow very well to reach more children to help their education.


Message from Paska, January 2021

First, I want to thank the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for giving me the opportunity to complete the 1st semester. Although there were many challenges that must be overcome to get to this point, I believe that I can do it. I’m so happy to study at Atmajaya University because I feel accepted as part of the Atma family and I am well received.

After completing the mid-test, I still study online as usual. I got three difficult tasks that need to be done in groups. At that time I was very stressed and depressed, but I believed I could work it out by making an outline on a paper, so I made the background first to lighten the burden of work, then I discussed with my friends to do the assignments together in our free time. When the assignments were completed, I was very happy, so I could study to prepare for the final semester exam.

My class’ schedule was interrupted by the Christmas holiday, so we continued our lessons after the holiday. During the Christmas holiday, the children in the shelter and I played and prayed together. At the end of 2020, we celebrated New Year’s eve together, we grilled the fish, corn, sausage, and mushrooms. We had dinner together, and we sang songs together. We had a mass at 11 pm on New Year’s eve, but we were all too tired. We fell asleep, so we only prayed individually before we went to sleep. Actually, during the Christmas holidays, we were allowed to go home to visit our parents, but on the condition that we had to take a PCR test when we come back to the shelter. I prefer to stay in the shelter with my friends because the price of the PCR test is quite expensive.

Entering the year 2021, I studied to prepare for the final test semester which was held from January 14th, 2021 until January 24th, 2021. My friends and I gave encouragement and support to each other for the final semester exams. When the exam started, I was nervous and I was almost late. But I always set an alarm for the final semester test submission, so I would not late. It took a lot of time to work on the questions, but the time given was only two hours. I’m grateful that I can do everything to the end. On the last day of the final exam, I was a bit sick, but I insisted on taking the exam on the last day because I don’t want to take the remedial test.

During the covid-19 pandemic, I spend most of my activities in the shelter. I hope this pandemic will end soon, I want to experience studying in the classroom, and I want to meet my friends. I also want to meet my family, I miss them so much, it’s been a year I haven’t met them, I want to meet my mother. I can only wish the best for my family through prayer.

Sincerely, Paska


Message from Paska, November 2020

First, I want to thank the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for trusting me by giving me a scholarship, so I can continue my education to a higher level. I’m so happy to study at Atmajaya University because I feel accepted as part of the Atma family and I am well received.

When the Covid-19 spreads in Indonesia, all activities are online. In my first week in college, I took part in online campus introduction activities. I attended the online independence ceremony which was held by the university. From this event, I got new friends even though  I only know their names. We were divided into groups which were guided by the seniors, then we talked about our experiences on Whatsapp group. The senior who led my group was so friendly, she trained us well.

My online learning was started on September  14th, 2020, I have eight courses. I felt a little bit awkward with my friends because there were two courses which were combined for the students from different faculties. There was a lecturer who gave group assignments and I did it together with my friends so we could get to know each other. Our presentation went well even though the internet connection was a bit slow.

I’m so happy because some of my classmates recognize me already, we sometimes also had personal chat. My first friends are Meika and Grace, but I feel closer with Grace. I’m happy to have friends who know me well, even though we have never met before. One day I got messages from my friends, they invited me to visit their houses. But unfortunately, I couldn’t come because of the pandemic. I feel sad this semester because I can’t meet my new friends and I can’t be around at the university. Online classes are not effective, because it’s hard for me to understand the material. There are some courses which are recorded and some are not, therefore students must really pay attention during class.

On November 5th, 2020, I had a mid-test. I studied the materials my lecturers had taught me from notes and recordings. The time when doing the exam was very short, I needed five minutes at first to download the questions from the lecturers. The mid-test gave me so much tension.

Before the test, my friends and I encouraged each other, I am so afraid of the results, I wish I will get good scores.

During the covid-19 pandemic, I spend more of my activities in the shelter. I often help my friends in the shelter with their homework, we play together, watch movies and tell stories. Every Saturday we do sports activities, such as basketball, badminton, and football. We miss our family so much, but we cannot meet them, we can only wish the best for our family. Our parents are allowed to visit us at the shelter, but we need to follow the health protocol. I hope this pandemic will pass quickly, so I can meet my family and friends. I wish I can back to study at the university.

Sincerely, Paska