Accountancy (2021)

Hi, my name is Sevio. I am the first child of two children in my family. I currently study at Tarumanagara University majoring in Accountancy. I’m from Vincentius Putera shelter. I’ve been living in the shelter for seven years. I like the spirit of education here, I’ve always been given the opportunity to continue my education to a higher level.

Finally, I was chosen to get a scholarship from the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I am so happy and grateful that Heliconia helps my education, so I can become somebody in the future. Thank you to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, I will never forget this organization.

In Vincentius Putera shelter, I learned not only about school knowledge, but also learned to be disciplined, and self-reliant, and how to increase my skills. One of the skills I have is playing football. I won some football competitions with my friends. Every year, Vincentius Putra shelter holds a music concert event, and I’m always involved in it. My friends and I were singers in Music Concert 2020. I have many skills, I play guitar, football, sing, and dance. I used to be chosen to be a leader in some events in the shelter. I’m interested in various activities so I can develop my talent for the future.

I live in the Vincentius Putera shelter because my family is poor, and we experienced financial difficulties. My father died in 2009, which required my mother to work on her own to provide for my family. Then in 2015, I started to live in the Vincentius  Putera shelter. I felt sad at first, why I had to stay in the orphanage, but as time went by I realized that the Vincentius  Putra shelter has helped to develop my talent and gives me an education. I never regretted living in this shelter. By living in the shelter, I also help my mom to save her money.

I know life will go on and I want to be happy with the people I love when I succeed in the future. The first step I will take is to study well and take responsibility for what I have chosen. I don’t want to disappoint those who help and support me, especially Vincentius Putera Shelter and the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. Thank you Heliconia and to those who were involved in selecting me to get this scholarship. I will do my best.

Sincerely, Sevio.


Message from Sevio, July 2022

Praise God I have finished the 2nd semester well. The 2nd semester is more difficult than the previous semester, but thank God I passed it with full responsibility. In the 2nd semester, I did my activities hybrids, so not all of them are fully online. I was happy because I could study at the university.

I also joined a seminar on MBKM (Freedom in studying, Freedom Campus). By attending this seminar, now I know how to attend the lectures. It was very helpful because there were many choices that I could take such as internships in a company to find business ideas, teaching, and many more. I also participated in futsal activities, I registered myself in the 1st semester, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, futsal activities just started now.

This semester my GPA is 3.40, I apologize to my mentor because compared to last semester, this semester my GPA has decreased. It is a lesson for me to study even harder. I admit it is more difficult because each semester will have a higher level of difficulty. But maybe, this is purely because I’m not hard enough to study.

Thank you Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for the support. In the future, I will try to be better, and also I will join a student organization to seek new experiences and learn new things.

Sincerely, Sevio


Message from Sevio, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the mentors and the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, hopefully, this new year all our daily plans and lives can run smoothly and always under the guidance of God.

I have been studying for six months and have had a very impressive experience. Adaptation in all aspects makes me strive to always be a better person. Until now the lectures are still applied online. Praise God, for always guiding me until the end of the semester, so I could pass the first semester without any disturbance.

In the Vincentius Putera Shelter, I joined the choir and performed in a virtual concert that was held in January 2022. There were some obstacles, but I solved everything well. It taught me to always be careful and always rely on God no matter what the problem is. Once I was given a group task, my group thought that the work that had been done was good but there were still things that needed to be improved and it was very troublesome for our group. Maybe we weren’t careful enough and we needed to brainstorm it together to improve it, but in the end, we performed it well. One thing that must be appreciated, each member in this group always respects each other and could reduce selfishness to succeed, so that we can finish it.

Praise God I got a 3.6 GPA in my 1st semester. Even so, there are still many things that I need to improve so that the mistakes that occurred this semester will not be repeated in the next semester. With this result I am not complacent with satisfaction, I will always learn again and again. If I am satisfied with this result, I believe I will not improve in the future. For the next semester, I will strive to be better and give my best. Thank you to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for always supporting my educational journey. God Bless.

Sincerely, Sevio


Message from Sevio, 2021

I have been following online lectures due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The first time I entered college, I started with an introduction to the university environment for three days. I got a lot of new things, such as the term twibbon that I should post on social media, and doing assignments together with my new friends.

Because for now the learning is still carried out online, I have to pay more attention to maximize the lessons. In the first week of the lecture, the material that was presented was relatively easy because it had been studied when I was in Senior High School. As time went on, the materials that are provided began to feel more difficult and to be honest, I have a bit of difficulty following this online learning. In my opinion, there are some lecturers who convey the materials quickly. Even so, I will try harder to get good results, and also I will try to adapt faster so that my learning process can be even better.

The Mid-Semester Examination results haven’t been issued yet. I hope and pray for good results. So far I have made friends although not many and I also have not joined a student organization. Maybe I will join the student organization in the 3rd semester because, in the 1st and 2nd semesters, I want to focus on developing my academic skills.

It was my first experience that made me willing to learn and improve my education for the future. I will be serious about continuing this education and I will do it with full responsibility. Thank you and God bless.

Yours sincerely, Sevio