Nursing (2021)

Hello, My name is Wina. I’m from Hati Suci Shelter.  I have an interest in studying in the medical or health field, that’s the reason I want to become a surgical nurse. My hobby are listening to the music, reading books and I also love to learn new things. I will study at Sint Carolus University, majoring in Nursing. I am very grateful to be selected to receive this scholarship, I am very happy because I have the opportunity to be trusted to achieve my dream. I will be responsible, and will optimistic in achieving my goals.

I come from a broken family. I was sold by my biological family to a couple who I called father and mother. My adopted mother died in a train accident when I was 4 years old. After that, my adopted father married another woman and the atmosphere in our family changed rapidly. From that marriage, they have two children who love me. When I was young, I was educated hardly and I was required to get good grades. I want to thank my adopted mother, who has built my mental growth stronger than other children. One day, my adopted father died in an accident that happened in 2019, when I was in grade 10. I lived with my adopted mother and her family. When I lived with her, I used to have to get up early in the morning to take the first train so I wouldn’t be late for school. Due to busy activities and insufficient rest hours, my body was susceptible to disease. That’s why I was placed in the Beth Shalom Shelter that wasn’t far from my school.

After finishing 10th grade, I got news from my grandmother that I will be moved to the Hati Suci shelter. After three months living in the Hati Suci shelter, my adopted mother suddenly disappears, she didn’t want to have any relationship with me anymore. I chose to stay here because it was the best for me. In the shelter, I learned many things. I learned about society, I learned about what family is, how to socialize, I learned to appreciate others, and so on. I feel joy and sorrow, jokes and laughter, I am grateful living in the shelter. I also had the opportunity to study. I am not very sociable, I tend to be introverted, I tend to be able to open up to people I really trust. However, I am a good listener, and I am an open-minded person.

I will be responsible for the trust that has been given to me. I will give the best of me so I can achieve my dreams and goals. I will bring the name of the Hati Suci shelter and Heliconia to be better through my attitude. Thank you Heliconia for trusting me.

Sincerely, Wina.


Wina’s first progress report will follow soon!