Third Heliconia baby born

On 24 May 2022, our cooperation partner Naomi gave birth to her first child: Hugo! Naomi got married to her husband the year before, and they are very happy to welcome their firstborn into their family. Congratulations Naomi!

As soon as Naomi found out that she was pregnant, we arranged for a visit to the Netherlands. Naomi has been our full-time Head of Student Affairs in Jakarta since 2019 and volunteer since 2012, and had never been to the Netherlands before to meet the board members in person. She and operational manager Carli Kooper last met in 2013 in Jakarta, so it was the perfect time for a visit, before the baby would arrive.

Naomi boarded the plane 19 weeks into her pregnancy! It was lovely to already feel Hugo's presence during his and Naomi's stay in the Netherlands, and Carli and the board look forward to meeting him one day in person.

Hugo is the third Heliconia baby. Cooperation partner Mili Chana already has two children, Ruby and Gallen. We look forward to welcoming more babies into the Heliconia Community!

Picture above: Hugo, one day after he was born.


Carli is our operational manager and founder of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. She is responsible for the daily management of our charity, upkeeps our administration and oversees the whole. She is also the contact person for our cooperation partners Naomi and Mili and students in Indonesia. In addition, she created the website and writes news updates. Learn more about her by clicking on her profile in Our Team!