Mission & Values

Education, Equality & Emancipation, Dedicated Community and Transparency & Openness

Our Mission

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation provides Heliconia Scholarships to young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Jakarta, so that they can study at an Indonesian university for four years. We support talented and ambitious youngsters from shelters, who do otherwise not have the opportunity to study.  We are the only foundation in the Netherlands that focuses exclusively on financing higher (tertiary) education in Indonesia.

Our Values

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation works from the values Equality & Emancipation, Dedicated Community and Transparency & Openness.

Heliconia Community

The bedrock of our foundation is that staff members, students and graduates share a personal band. Over the years, we have learned that commitment to each other is the most important key to our success. Running a foundation or completing a university education requires dedication and perseverance. Both staff and students feel most motivated to give their best, when they feel supported by each other. We therefore ensure that we are all aware of each other’s efforts in making this charity a success. Understanding and encouraging these efforts enables us to keep up our good work.

Environmental Responsibility

Climate change affects us all, with temperatures rising in both the Netherlands and Indonesia. We take responsibility for our environment by encouraging our staff, students and graduates to make conscious life-decisions, that have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Future Plans

For the past years, our main focus was on creating a strong foundation for our work. We invested our time in strengthening the Heliconia Community, perfecting our selection procedure, student guidance, smooth cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia, clear administration and this new multilingual website. We are now ready to share our mission to an international audience, attract new donors and carry our work far into the future! We intent to accept four to six new students into our program every year, so we have around 20 active students in our program at all times. Since our graduates stay connected to our foundation, the Heliconia Community grows each year.