New student: Susi

In September 2014, Susi joined our Heliconia Community and is now studying Accountancy at the Trisakti University in Jakarta. Welcome Susi! Selection of new students is always done in consultation with cooperation partner Mili Chana, the board of the shelters and remaining relatives of the candidate. Susi is very motivated to continue studying at university, as you can read below. She was an excellent student in high school, so we are confident that she will find her way at Trisakti.

Picture: Susi in her kost (boarding room).

Below: Susi’s first letter. Read about all her experiences at university by going to her profile.

My name is Susi. I was born in 1996. I live in Pa van der Steur (childrens’ shelter) in East Jakarta. I am the first child of two siblings. My parents decided to send me to the shelter, because of economic reasons. They felt that they couldn’t pay for my elementary and high school education. I like to sing pop songs. I want to go to university because I am very excited to be able to continue my study and I am ready for it. For me, continuing my study in university is very important. Because to support me in achieving my goals and my career in the future, I need higher education. If I continue my study, I can get more knowledge, I can build self-confidence, I can meet different people and make new friends, I can get a good job and be successful in a career so I can change my family’s economic situation and I can be useful for other people. The major that I take is Accounting at Trisakti University, because I have fallen in love with accounting since I studied in vocational high school. I have represented my high school in accounting competition skills. Although I didn’t win, it was a special experience for me. I’m really grateful for you who gave me the chance to get the Heliconia Scholarship. God bless you.



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