New students: Sefta, Vana and Drop Out I

Three new students have been selected for the Heliconia Scholarship in the academic year 2016-2017. Sefta was raised in Hati Suci shelter, where she graduated from high school with excellent grades. She is very motivated to go to university and is now studying Accountancy at the Trisakti University in Jakarta. Vana grew up in Panti Asuhan Dorkas and is equally driven to continue studying in tertiairy education. She now also studies Accountancy, yet at another institution, Universitas Kristen Indonesia in Jakarta. Selection of candidates is always done in consultation with our cooperation partner Mili Chana, the board of the shelters and remaining relatives. Candidates send a motivation letter and after several interviews it was determined that Sefta and Vana both qualify for the Heliconia Scholarship. Welcome to the Heliconia Community, all the best to you and your studies!

Picture above: Sefta in the library of Universitas Trisakti.

Meet Sefta:
I’m Sefta. My favourite subjects in high school were math, accountancy, economics and entrepreneurship and I want to become a true business woman. When I was 15 years old, my parents send me to Hati Suci orphanage because of our economic condition, and they wanted to make sure I would have more personal safety and more chances to get proper education. I’m grateful that my family is now in good health and I’m so motivated to go studying. I want to study management first and next international relations. It’s my goal and dream to become part of a new, young generation that is working on the development of Indonesia. Thank you for sponsoring me, without the Heliconia Scholarship I would not be able to continue my studies. Yours sincerely, Sefta

Meet Vana:
My name is Vana and I went to SMK (high school) PSKD 1 and majored in Accounting. At school, if in the process of learning, I would prefer practice over theory. I was always known as a melancholic, because if I had finished my obligations, I would like seclusion to seek peace. My hobbies are reading novels and listening to music. I highly value privacy. I think my talent is when people are around me, I can make them laugh. I want to be a teacher, teachers can produce children who are intelligent, achieving, and will be able to build the nation. I want to make Indonesia better.

Our third student unfortunately dropped out after just one year of studying Accountancy at Trisakti University. Due to personal circumstances she had to stop. This taught us to improve our selection procedure and give better guidance to our students. Read about the lessons that we learned by going to the profile of Drop Out I.

Picture below: Vana in the dormitory of Dorkas Shelter.


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