Chemistry (2021)

Hello, I am Holy. I am the 3rd child of 4 siblings. My hobbies are reading story books, play futsal, basketball and badminton. I’m good at playing futsal. I’ve been raised in Hati Suci Shelter with my sister, Gracia. My sister also receives the Heliconia Scholarship. In Hati Suci Shelter I have many friends and have learned a lot about life. This year I will continue my study at Pertamina University in Chemistry major. My study will be financed by the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I am very grateful and lucky because I get the Heliconia Scholarship. I know that to study in college requires a lot of money. I chose the Chemistry major because when I was in High School, I loved the Chemistry subject so much. When I graduate from univeristy, I will find a job to improve the economy in my family.

I come from a poor family. My parents live with my younger brother. Since I was 4 years old, my parents decided to send me and my sister to an orphanage because my parents could not afford their children to go to school. When I entered the orphanage I felt very sad because I was being apart from my family. But now, I know that it was the right decision to put me in the orphanage because I can study at school and have many friends. Now I feel happy living here. To provide for the family, my mother sells dumplings, cookies, and chicken noodles. Sometimes my father helps my mother to make the dumplings.

I am very grateful living in the shelter, because I can go to school and my needs are provided well, such as adequate food and good education. While living in the shelter I was taught some important things for life such as responsibility, respect, being polite to others, and discipline. I was also given the responsibility to help younger children in the shelter by teaching them when they do their homeworks. In the shelter, I play sports with my friends every afternoon and sometimes I help my friends and the caregivers in doing chores.

When I passed the interview test and was told that I receive the Heliconia Scholarship, I was very grateful because Heliconia will pay my tuition fees in college. I know the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation spends a lot of money on it, so I have promised to give my best to Heliconia and I won’t disappoint the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I will maintain my attitude and good grades in studying. This is a great opportunity for youngsters who will study at university under the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation.

Sincerely, Holy


Holy’s first progress report will follow soon!