meet our team

in the Netherlands and Indonesia

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation has three board members in the Netherlands and two cooperation partners in Indonesia. We have weekly contact with each other to discuss work topics and stay up to date on each other’s lives. Click on our profiles to learn more about us and our work!

Chairperson & Founder
Head of Student Affairs
Student Affairs & Founder

Heliconia Community

The bedrock of our foundation is that board members, cooperation partners, students and graduates all share a personal band. We actively invest in each other by staying up to date on everyone’s progress and wellbeing. This creates a bond of friendship in which we can express ourselves safely and freely. Graduates stay committed to our foundation by helping with the selection and guidance of new students. Staying in contact with all members of our Heliconia Community enables us to constantly improve our work methods, because we take everyone’s points of view and needs into account. Our organisation is built on the commitment that founders Carli and Mili have to each other and their shared goal of making higher education accessible. Their dedication to growing together is the basis of our wider Heliconia Community and ensures the success and durability of our mission. Learn more about our mission & values and founding story.

Remuneration Policy

The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation aims for all donations to directly benefit the students. The board in the Netherlands therefore works on a voluntary basis and receives no salary for their work. Only chairperson Carli receives a small reimbursement of the incurred costs in the performance of her duties, since she executes most of the tasks. The reimbursement consists of an annual statutory determined attendance fee for preparing the meetings and a volunteer fee per hour for the time that she works for the foundation. Since we provide more scholarships every year, our responsibilities have significantly increased over the last years. Cooperation partner Naomi has therefore become our first fulltime employee in December 2019, after being a volunteer since 2012. She now receives a monthly salary. Cooperation partner Mili receives a volunteer fee per hour. All hours worked for our foundation are registered and monitored by each other. Transparency and openness are essential in creating a fair, just world, in which all finances are accounted for. You can therefore find all the details of our finances in our financial reports.