Dropout III
Pharmacy (2017)

Hello, my name is Yemima. I live in Dorkas Shelter since I was a child. I study in the faculty of Pharmacy, at the University of Pancasila since 2017. When I graduated vocational high school, I wasn’t sure about what I would do in the future. Because at that time, there was a new regulation from the government regarding my graduation diploma from Pharmacy Vocational School. It stated that I couldn’t continue to a higher level, because my diploma would not suffice anymore. I was wondering if I should do something else, outside of the pharmaceutical world. But thankfully Heliconia came to Dorkas Shelter and choose me to get a scholarship. I struggled when I failed my first entrance test to university. But many people motivated me to never give up, and finally, I made it! I felt that God was involved all the time. I’m an assistant of pharmaceutical now. My goal is to become a social activist. I hope that with the knowledge that I gain, I can commit to resolving social issues in Indonesia, help develop my country and be useful to others in the future.


Message from Yemima, February 2022

Thank you to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for always supporting me. I hope wherever we are at this time we are in healthy condition, safe, and always happy even in the midst of the current pandemic. I’m working on my final project and I hope everything will be fine. I did research on antidiabetics from natural ingredients for my final project and I really hope that the research I do can be useful in the future. I got a lot of interesting things while doing my final project. While I was looking for journals for reference, I came across many very interesting articles on natural resources. Many things that are around us that we often encounter and without us realizing it can be something very useful for us. Of course, the context remains around the research I did.

I also make some sanitary products for sanitation. The products I produce include hand sanitizer, hand wash, and disinfectant. I didn’t design the formula, I just did some dilutions and then I packed it into a ready-to-use product.

Apart from doing my final project, I don’t have many other activities. I’m choosing to focus on working on it because I don’t think it’s easy so I try to give my full attention to what I’m working on at the moment. Thank you for all the attention I have received so far, I hope I can finish my study well soon and I hope to continue the blessings I have received so far to bless others in the future. Stay healthy, and keep doing health protocols for ourselves and our loved ones. Thank you, God bless.


Message from Yemima, October 2021

It is not easy to have online lectures, but in every situation, there must be an advantage. One of the important points that can be learned is to be grateful and keep doing what should be done because every difficulty has a way out. This semester I didn’t do a lot of activities outside, nor did I really discover anything new. But I’m happy because I am still healthy and every day I do some progress in my studies. I am starting to be able to adjust to my current environment, activities, and way of learning. I hope everything goes as it should.

I took part in several campus activities such as seminars and guest lectures, which I learned a lot from the invited speakers. Many of them talked about their research experiences, it is very interesting to know many things outside of theory that can be obtained when we do research in the field so that skills and understanding are more needed. I hope in the future I can do things as they have done now and I can share it with many people.

Besides doing learning activities, I like to sing, play the guitar as much as I can, and sometimes I think about planting small green plants in the yard but that plan has not been implemented until now. Thank you for the support that I always get consistently. I hope we all stay safe and stay healthy wherever we are right now. Don’t be careless about the current pandemic and be happy. God bless you all.


Message from Yemima, February 2021

This is the second semester I’m facing the pandemic of Covid-19. I’m in the 7th semester now. Thank you to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for always supporting me until this difficult time. I feel very grateful for the love which is given by Heliconia to me. I mostly have online classes during the pandemics, and the exam is held online too. The difference from the previous semester, the schedule of this semester is more organized, so it can carry out activities according to the scheduled agenda with more compacted materials.

Apart from doing lecture activities, I spend a lot of my time helping the children in the shelter to study. This is also my duty and responsibility that I must do while still living in the shelter. Lately, I feel quite stressed doing many activities inside the room, sitting at my desk, and studying in front of the laptop for many months. This is really not an exciting activity. In order to take care of myself, I got used to always thinking positively and sometimes I let myself take a rest. I sometimes look up at the sky, I like the starry night sky and the very bright moon. I hope we all can find a way to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally because I think keeping ourselves healthy is one way for us to contribute to Covid-19 prevention.

I hope that all of us are always healthy in all aspects because this is a very important thing right now, whether for ourselves, our families, those around us, or this world. Hopefully, our hearts will always be filled with peace and God will always bless us.


Message from Yemima, 2020

Thank you for every support that I receive until now, I am so grateful to God in every season of my life, especially through the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation which finances my education. I am grateful to receive this genuine support.

This semester is very memorable for me and I believe I am not the only one who experiences it. I spend almost all of my time studying through internet online meetings, because of the Covid 19 pandemic. It impacts my activity, I spend more time at the shelter and playing with the children. I do many activities at the shelter, such as Sunday mass, and morning exercise, and I also do a new hobby, dancing. I like dancing and I am happy when many people are happy and enjoy the dance, even though I am not a professional dancer but I am happy to entertain others. I also danced on Indonesia Independence Day.

I have more time at the shelter, so I can improve my study. Even though there were some obstacles for me to get the material, I couldn’t access the library pages on the university website because there was a problem with the new system regulation. I participated in several campus activities which were done through virtual meetings such as institutional meetings and Christian student fellowships. Even now, I am still preparing a student welcoming event for the 2020 school year.

Even though this pandemic gives so many impacts, it doesn’t diminish the joy in my heart and I hope we all stay healthy and always have joy. Thank you for supporting me, may God always bless and be with you.


Message from Yemima, 2020

I have passed the final semester exam of the 5th semester. It was not easy to pass but I hope it was better than the previous semester. A few months ago when I borrowed my older brother’s books for the exam, inside his book I saw a paper written: “you are better now than you were yesterday and not better than you will be tomorrow”. In another book, I also found he wrote “if you cheat, you’re trash”. I think this is a self-reminder for him, he put it in a place where he could continuously read it to encourage himself.  I hope I am better today than I was yesterday and I hope I am not trash because even though I did not cheat and I’m not a good formulator, I can make sure the formula I made was originally my own idea.

This semester I can enter the classes without burden even though I feel afraid of the Lecturers and friends because I am feeling intimidated sometimes. I think the higher the level, the less my sense of sensitivity to the environment, all I have in my head is to resolve what I have started, that’s all. By encouraging myself, I felt more pleasant by the end of my 5th semester.

There are campus activities that I still participate in, from the spiritual field as a coach for the small groups and counselors.  Honestly, from all the activities that I have undertaken this is a difficult thing to do because I have to learn more to understand them one by one. All have different stories, different backgrounds, different ways of thinking, and their uniqueness. I have learned many things from them. I’m so grateful to have them.

2019 was the first year Dorkas shelter celebrated Christmas in the new building. It was nice to be connected with the new environment, which is completely different from the previous place.  In this new place, we are a minority (university students), but I’m happy because we get a good reception from the people. I hope this situation can last long, so we can stay comfortably in this place.

The academic activities went smoothly, and so did my life. Thank you to all of you who are still consistent in supporting me, may God always bless and be with you.


Message from Yemima, 2019

On November 2nd, 2018, I got an invitation to join the National Hockey Championship which was held at Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Central Java. The results were good enough, even though we didn’t get any trophies. At least, I became more courageous to express myself in the field.

On December 22nd, 2018, I celebrated Christmas with all of my shelter friends at Dorkas Shelter. We had a mini-concert, it was a new challenge for me because I had to learn to practice the song that will be sung. The next day, some of my friends and I were picked up by our parents for the Christmas holiday at home.

There were several campus activities that I joined, including organizing the Easter campus service and helping to organize breakfast for students. I learned many positive things when organizing those activities. I learned to be tolerant of all of my friends from different religions and different campus communities and worked together with them. I also took part as an Event Organizer Committee for campus introduction activities to welcome new students, Worship Committee to welcome new students in my faculty, and Sports activities in the faculty, and I also participated as a counselor for the University Camp event. Being part of a committee structure is not new to me, but the difference is that I used to work behind the stage, but now I got a position to perform in front of people. It was really fun doing it.

This year, the Dorkas shelter celebrated its 131st birthday. I was grateful to be part of it. I am grateful that God has sent me and my friends to Dorkas shelter. I am grateful that God is always with us, even though there were many things that have happened in recent years. I am thankful that God always helps my life. After the 131st  anniversary celebration, the Dorkas shelter had to move to a new place. It’s a nice building and more modern.


Message from Yemima, 2018

In December 2017 at Dorkas shelter, all people were busy preparing for the Christmas event that was held on December 16th, 2017. At the same time, I also had to study for final exams until January 2nd, 2018. The results of my final exams were not quite satisfying, I have to study more in the next semester. Fortunately, everything for Christmas went alright.

After the results of the final exams came out, my academic advisor (Mr.Prih) called me to talk about my scores and discuss the courses that I will take for next semester. He is a very clever person. I’m very happy to have a lecturer like him because he understands the students well. He also said to me, that after officially becoming a member of the student organization, I had to participate in the basic training of leadership which was held on January 26th – 28th  2018. In this event, I was taught how to be a good student, how to be a critical student, and how to take the right action and solve problems.

Last year, on March 29th, 2017, my faculty held an event called HONEY (Happiness Of Inauguration Encourage Youth) 2017. It was very hard when we organized this event, but it was done completely well. I hope we can hold an event like this again in 2018.

This year I participated in an inter-faculty event, it was like a comparative study which was conducted by Engineering Faculty. In this event, we shared learning experiences, about the basics of engineering, and also the basics of the engineering organization. There were many useful things that I learned from my friends from Engineering Faculty to make our future better. That was a new thing for me, and I was so glad to learn it.


Message from Yemima, 2017

I am happy and comfortable with the environment at Pancasila University, especially in the Faculty of Pharmacy. I also interact and am friends with some students from different faculties. My friends and I often share stories about our personal and college life. Having friends with the students from other faculties is very helpful because we can help each other in our academic activities. I tried to make good relations with senior students also because they are role models and I can learn from them.

In the students meeting in October 2017, I was elected to be a Deputy Commissariat Force 2017, it’s a faculty organization. I didn’t apply myself for it, but I was chosen by the senior students in the committee and senate. Becoming a Deputy Commissariat Force is a new thing for me and challenging because I must lead 313 new students in one year period. It’s difficult, but thankfully my seniors guide me by sharing their experiences about how to create important files such as active and passive student data, host a meeting for our organization, and do other things for the organization and for all students in my faculty. I need to be a responsible person because I get trust from my faculty for doing this.

I joined Art Workshop Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy which held an event on October 13th, 2017. I was chosen to be in Security Division. I was tired and exhausted but also satisfied because the event was successful.

I also became a representative host in a great forum for Senate Liability Report for the period 2016/2017. I learned a lot from this forum, about the trial procedures, how to become a leadership council, how to make the regulations for the organization, and how to make a decision in the council. It was completely new and very impressive.

The learning activities required special attention, it was difficult for me to understand, and nobody helped me. There was not enough time to ask questions and have a discussion with the lecturers. The lecturers don’t have enough time to give attention to everyone, because there are so many students in the class. I tried to read again the materials and learn by myself. I will learn more to be better at managing my time and myself.