Gaya Veerhout

Education has always been an important topic in my life. As a young girl, I loved to absorb knowledge and get to know myself and the world around me. After high school, I became a teacher, to pass on all that I had learned. Nowadays, I don’t teach at schools anymore, but I do transmit my wisdom and knowledge in many different ways. I keep on feeling passionate about supporting children, youngsters and adults to grow and expand.

I feel deeply honoured to be part of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, and to co-create opportunities for youngsters in Indonesia to fulfill their dreams. I wish for many (upcoming) students to experience as much joy, fulfillment and prosperity in studying as I have, supported by our scholarships. And that they all may feel welcomed in our beautiful community.

Gaya is our treasurer. She oversees the finances, makes the financial year reports and is the contact person for all financial matters. Within the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, management functions overlap and everyone supports each other where necessary.