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Pharmacy (2019)

My name is Gracia Kristina, you can call me Gracia. I was raised at Hati Suci Shelter. I study at Pancasila University, one of the best Pharmacy majors of all Indonesian private universities. I started my study in September 2019. I was very happy and grateful when I got this scholarship. I am so thankful to Heliconia for trusting me. I will never give up until I reach my dreams. My dreams are that I want to work in the health sector and open a pharmaceutical business. My commitment to Heliconia is that I will study hard to get the best grades and never disappoint everyone who helps me.


Message from Gracia, 2020

I started 2nd semester on March 2nd 2020. After two weeks, when the corona virus spread in Indonesia, all of my classes must be done online. The online classes were according to the lectures’ schedule. I don’t like online class because I have difficulty in understanding the lessons, also sometimes the internet network is not stable. I’m sad because this semester I can’t do my lab work at campus. Because of this pandemic, I also can’t meet my lovely friends.

My middle exam and final exam were online. The time to do the exam was so short, because we were given only 1 hour for about 50-60 questions. In several subjects, such as Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Physics and Chemical Analysis, I felt that I really needed more time to finish it.

Because of this pandemic, I become closer with my friends in the shelter. Every morning, we always do exercise together. I often help them to finish their homework too. When they were in holiday, we wanted to make their holiday so fun. So, we decided to create an event. This event was held for four days. On the first day, there was a sport competition and this was a good start because they were so happy. On the second day, there was a story telling competition and we were so amazed because their performances were perfect. On the third day, there was special performances from each group, there were four groups and they were looking so cute. On the last day we had trivia quiz, TikTok battle dance, and we made an activity like on the ‘runningman’ Korean tv show.

All of us were so happy. We, the college students as the committee in that event were so hard to choose the winner because they were so great at each competition.

I hope this pandemic can pass soon, so we can meet our friends, family, and all people who make our days colorful again. I hope our activities can run as usual. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Sincerely, Gracia


Message from Gracia, 2020

Hello, I want to tell you about my experience in my 1st semester. I was so happy because I could study in every lesson in this semester very well. I also joined Wall Magazine organization at campus, and I was elected as a treasurer. I was so happy being part of this organization.

On December 13th 2019, I joined Christmas Eve at University. That was my first Christmas with my campus friends. My Christmas holiday started on December 20th 2019 until January 6th 2020. I spent my holiday with my family, but during holiday I also had to study to prepare for the final exam that was held on January 7th 2020. The final exam was started on January 7th to 22th 2020, it was about 2 weeks examination. Before I faced the final exam, my friends and I studied together during holiday. When the final exam was done, we have holiday again until we started the next semester.

On January 18th 2020, my friends and I at Hati Suci shelter held a Christmas celebration too. We invited our parents to attend this Christmas Celebration, and we gave them special show performances. In January I also celebrated Chinese New Year with my family. I visited my grandma’s house.

Sincerely, Gracia


Message from Gracia, 2020

First, I want to say thank you for trusting me by giving a university scholarship to me. I am very pleased and excited to learn new lessons. I was accepted in Pancasila University (UP), one of the best Pharmacy Major in Indonesian Private University.

In this first semester, I have 11 subjects. I have class every Monday to Friday. Every Friday, I joined Congregational Fellowship (worship) and i joined an extracurricular called Wall Magazine Club. I also participated in a camping event that was held for three days in Arra Lembah Pinus, Puncak. In that event, we worshipped God, played games, and had fun together. By joining that event, I got many friends from various faculties.

The activities of the academic society is also required a special attention, because the subjects are difficult and the lecturer doesn’t have enough time to give attention to every student, because there are many students in class. So, I try to reread again the materials and I need to learn it by myself, and looking for the information from the internet. During mid test, I studied at home alone, and sometimes with my friends. I must study hard to get good score. When I was doing Human Anatomy practice exam, suddenly I got the information from my mother that my grandmother passed away. That news made me sad and disturbed my concentration when I doing the exam. It was a very bad day and I hate that day.

That was my experience until the middle of semester. I get many new experiences since I started study in university!

Sincerely, Gracia