Chemistry (2021)

Hello, I am Holy. I am the 3rd child of 4 siblings. My hobbies are reading story books, playing futsal, basketball, and badminton. I’m good at playing futsal. I’ve been raised in Hati Suci Shelter with my sister, Gracia. My sister also receives the Heliconia Scholarship. In Hati Suci Shelter I have many friends and have learned a lot about life. This year I will continue my study at Pertamina University in Chemistry major. My study will be financed by the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I am very grateful and lucky because I get the Heliconia Scholarship. I know that studying at college requires a lot of money. I chose the Chemistry major because when I was in High School, I loved Chemistry subject so much. When I graduate from university, I will find a job to improve the economy of my family.

I come from a poor family. My parents live with my younger brother. When I was 4 years old, my parents decided to send me and my sister to an orphanage because my parents could not afford for their children to go to school. When I entered the orphanage I felt very sad because I was being apart from my family. But now, I know that it was the right decision to put me in the orphanage because I can study at school and have many friends. Now I feel happy living here. To provide for the family, my mother sells dumplings, cookies, and chicken noodles. Sometimes my father helps my mother to make the dumplings.

I am very grateful for living in the shelter because I can go to school and my needs are provided well, such as adequate food and good education. While living in the shelter I was taught some important things for life such as responsibility, respect, being polite to others, and discipline. I was also given the responsibility to help younger children in the shelter by teaching them when they do their homework. In the shelter, I play sports with my friends every afternoon and sometimes I help my friends and the caregivers in doing chores.

When I passed the interview test and was told that I receive the Heliconia Scholarship, I was very grateful because Heliconia will pay my tuition fees in college. I know the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation spends a lot of money on it, so I have promised to give my best to Heliconia and I won’t disappoint the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I will maintain my attitude and good grades in my studies. This is a great opportunity for youngsters who will study at university under the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation.

Sincerely, Holy


Message from Holy, August 2022

I’ve been in college for two semesters now. Even though in the 1st semester I got some bad grades, I’m sure that my grades in the 2nd semester will improve. I can’t wait for the 3rd semester. Because I’ll be back to study at the university again with no more online classes, so I can meet up with friends. In the 2nd semester, I had new courses such as Introduction to Energy Technology, Business, and Christianity. At the end of the semester, I had a group assignment to do research about a place that uses renewable energy. My group chose the Kracak Hydroelectric Power Plant in Bogor, West Java.

Around May, the Chemistry major held a Language Day Competition which was participated by all chemistry students. I also took part in the competition. The competition consisted of writing short stories and reading poetry. I participated in a writing short stories competition and I won 2nd place.

For two semesters, I did online learning and I have never visited campus. After finishing the final semester exam, I decided to visit the university to find out what transportation I would use to go to campus so that when the new semester starts, I know how to go to campus. I also visited my friend’s house which is near the campus to take a chemistry practicum task.

On July 16th, 2022, my campus friends and I attended a mass at Jars of Clay Hall Bintaro Church, this mass is held every month for religion class. After the mass finished, we played games and discussed the meaning of words that were shared with us. I was very happy to participate in this mass, I met some friends from other majors that I have only known through online classes.

During holidays, the children in the shelter were allowed to go home, but there were some children who did not go home, including me. Before the children go home, we were invited by donors to go on vacation to Dufan Entertainment Park. We went from morning to night, and we were all happy. Not only on vacation to Dufan but for children who didn’t go home, we also go on vacation to watch movies and do sports at the National Monument. In the Hati Suci shelter, we had three new children who were in elementary and junior high school classes, I am very happy to have more younger sisters. They can go to school, study well, do exercise together in the afternoon, and share stories when there is free time.

Sincerely, Holy


Message from Holy, 2021

I have already finished the final exam and coming soon to the 2nd semester, and now I’m waiting for my final exam grade. I am very happy to go to college to study and play with friends. This semester I become a committee in an event related to my major until January 2021. Now I’m still following the admission of new students in my major until March 2021.

After finishing the midterm exam I learned how to critically think in any situation, so if we are in a difficult situation, we can critically think so we won’t take the wrong decision. Besides that, I studied harder and submitted the assignments on time, did the quizzes and exams.  I manage my time well.

On January 15th, 2021,  I celebrated Christmas together with my friends in Hati Suci Shelter. Before Christmas came, we practiced and exercised together to give performances at Christmas time.

Besides being busy with college, I always do my tasks in the shelter, such as doing chores and helping young children, cooking a snack, and many more activities. Today we decorate the shelter with Chinese New Year decorations because soon we will celebrate Chinese New Year.

Sincerely, Holy


Message from Holy, 2021

I want to say thank you to Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for giving me a chance to get this scholarship. Now, I’m studying at Pertamina University, I am very happy to take the courses even though it is online due to Covid-19.

I started studying at Pertamina University on September 27th, 2021, I am very happy, I can’t believe it’s been three months since I study online because of the pandemic. I got new lessons and I have many friends, but I there is a friend who studies and does assignments together with me. Even though everything is online, I am very happy to participate in a student activity such as badminton. Badminton is my hobby. Besides that, I also attended a seminar to increase my knowledge and I also became a committee in one event related to my major.

After online class, I used to play with other children in the shelter, we cook a snack to eat together and sometimes I help my friends and caregivers doing the chores. In the shelter, I should be able to manage my time well between studying, doing chores, playing with other children, and teaching young children in the shelter. But of course, I never forgot my obligation to study. I study and do assignments during the day and at night. I hope this pandemic will end soon so that we can return to doing normal activities and meet my friends.

Sincerely, Holy