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Law (2019)

Hello, my name is Labi. I am from Vincentius Putra Shelter located in Central Jakarta. Now I am a student at Tarumanagara University in the Law study program. I started college in 2019 and I have the target to be able to graduate university in three and a half years, that will be in 2023. I feel very happy because the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation wants to help me with tuition fees, and I feel so excited because Heliconia gives challenges to the students to get a GPA (grade point average) of 3.25 minimum, which makes me very motivated in learning. Heliconia really changed my life, because I used to think that I would only be a high school graduate. Thanks to Heliconia I can now be more confident because I can study for a Bachelor’s Degree.


Message from Labi, 2020

This 2nd semester I felt a bit unpleasant because in this semester many campus activities were done from home by using online media or internet. Because of Covid 19, the Indonesian government issued a regulation to study from home. We must use a mask and keep social distance to reduce the spread of this virus. To be honest, when I heard this regulation regarding study from home, I thought I would be foolish if I did not find the alternatives or the other ways to understand the materials that I’ve learned.

Indeed, if we talk about the use of technology for online learning, it’s cool, because we can learn what was developed in the world today. But in my opinion this online learning is very ineffective, because sometimes we may lack concentration about what is explained by the lecturer. Honestly, when I did online learning, there were many materials that I couldn’t understand. I also think that if next several months we still do this method of learning,  I will definitely not make it. So the only way I can do is when the online class is over, I will ask the material that I learn that day, and I will learn it by myself. If there is something I don’t understand I will ask in the next online class.

This semester, my friends and I from the Law faculty were planning on selecting new students council chairpersons. I am a member of the committee, so I use this opportunity to learn the process how to be the head of students council. So maybe later I also can become the next candidate.

The university website has programming problem recently, so I couldn’t check my grades for 2nd semester. Hopefully my grades are better than the previous semester.

Greetings, Labi


Message from Labi, 2020

Getting a GPA score of 3.47 in the odd semester was not something easy for me, being a freshmen in the Law major. My seniors said that in the early semesters it would be very difficult to get a good GPA. The lecturers also said the same thing to us. As the class president, I said to my friends that the words said by the seniors didn’t need to be concerned, but we should make a good spirit in study and make those words from seniors as our reference, we should study even more so we will get a good GPA.

In this odd semester, I also got many good friends, who are my classmates and some of my seniors. I am very happy when I can get closer with them, because from them I can learn more about Law. When there is something I do not understand about a course, I can ask them and they will help me. There are also some of my friends who feel happy when talking to me, especially when we talk about life. Many of my classmates are from rich family, but they never experienced the pure happiness in life.

I was also busy with a number of activities in campus, one of the activities is that I participated in the BEM organization (Student Council) in my faculty. All Law students got the invitation to register for the election. Total registrants was around 260. A week after the registration time, we were scheduled for interviews. Only 60 students would be accepted. One week after the interview, the faculty issued an announcement, I saw my name on the list. I passed the interview.

A month later after the election, on October 6th to 8th 2019, we participated in Leadership Training activities. From 60 students who were accepted, only 57 students took part in this training. After the training, we were declared to be officially young members of the Law faculty.

Beside joining the student council, I also had many assignments in class. Honestly, I was so bored when I was given a lot of assignments. Some of my friends asked the Lecturer, why should we repeat the material so often? The Lecturer only answers that many of us do not understand the material, and therefore the material continues to be repeated.

From February 6th to 8th 2020, the students in Law Sociology class went to a village to conduct field research about how people in Lampung apply the rules in their society. The conclusion was that the people in Lampung are friendly, and indeed many of those are very obedient to the rules. I also asked a man to what extent the residents are aware of the laws in Lampung province. He answered that the community obeys the law, and they will get the consequences if they disobeyed the law, because the leaders here can quickly make a new rule for us.

Basically, during my first semester, I feel very happy because I have been through many things. Whatever is good or bad I still enjoy the experiences and I am grateful. I am grateful when I am still given a problem from God, because the ancients said that experience is the best teacher. As long as we struggle,  there will be something to be achieved. There is one novel that I have read, I quote a very good sentence “if you want something, try to get it because the universe will also help you to achieve what you have fought as long as you still want to fight”.

Sincerely, Labi


Message from Labi, 2020

First I want to tell you how happy I was when I was accepted as a new student in university. There were various kinds of feelings when I was welcomed as a new student, first I felt very happy because I get new friends, and felt so happy because I will be an intellectual man by joining university. My happiness was arisen when I think that I am a lucky person, because there are many children out there who can’t get this scholarship. I’m enthusiastic because one day I will be an independent man and can solve my own problems in life without depending on any body anymore. I’m also very tired because there are so many activities in university, but that is exactly what I will face during college. Those are the feelings that I felt as a new student in university.

When I received the schedule and started my activities in campus, I was confused because the schedule was different with my schedule in vocational high school. There were eight hours study a day in high school, but there are only two hours study a day in university.

The first time I entered the class, my friends in class choosed me to be The Class Leader. It motivated me to study more by doing the tasks that is given to me. The next day I was upset by a lecturer, because he denied my question. From that moment, I started to dislike that subject, but somehow I still respect his policies and decided to join his class. His teaching system is very ineffective, he gave five titles and divided us into five groups to do presentation. Why do I say ineffective, because we only learn about the topic of our presentation and don’t learn about the other topics that other groups learn.

The next experience was when I joined a competition event between new students in university called Constitutional Drafting. In this event we learn about basic of Law, such as Governing Body, Management body, we were also required to take part in an activity called Leadership Training. In Leadership Training we were taught to not get angry easily to others, to be more inferior, to be more respectful of one another and therefore I participated this activity with great enthusiasm. I even more happier when my friends and I become The Champion of Constitutional Drafting Competition.

Sincerely, Labi