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Law (2020)

My name is Lenny. I currently study at Tarumanagara University, majoring in Law. I started studying in 2020. I was so happy when I was chosen to receive the Heliconia Scholarship, because I don’t need to worry about the study costs. I have motivation to reach my goals, I will study hard in any situation and I will never give up to reach the goals, because failure is our experience to get more better than before. And from that I have commitments, I will study hard until I graduate for my Bachelor Degree.

I grew up in Hati Suci shelter because my parents couldn’t take care of me. My family is not harmonious family because my parents got divorced since I was 4 years old and I don’t have any siblings. My mother worked as a tailor and received many offers to sew many clothes, she also could do the haircut. I lived in the shelter since I was 7 years old until 10 years old, then my mom took me out from the shelter and we lived together for several years. But when I was 14 years old, she had trouble with her finances and took me to the shelter again until now. One year and two months after my mom sent me to the shelter, she never visited me again, I was so confused.

Then at that time, my caregiver accompanied me to find my mom at my old rent house, but we didn’t find her. So we tried to find her at another place and asked the neighbors, but they also didn’t know about my mom. I don’t know why my mom left me, but I pray everyday for her, may God always give the best for her. What I know, my mom put me in the shelter to give me a better life and education. I believe in my heart that my mom didn’t leave me, she only wanted to take time, I’m sure I’ll meet her someday.

My hobby is reading a book, so I have a good motivation to study well for law course. Thanks for supporting me!


Lenny’s first progress report will follow when she has finished her first semester!