Law (2020)

My name is Lenny. I currently study at Tarumanagara University, majoring in Law. I started studying in 2020. I was so happy when I was chosen to receive the Heliconia Scholarship because I don’t need to worry about the study costs. I have the motivation to reach my goals, I will study hard in any situation and I will never give up to reach the goals because failure is our experience to get better than before. And from that I have commitments, I will study hard until I graduate with Bachelor’s Degree.

I grew up in the Hati Suci shelter because my parents couldn’t take care of me. My family is not a harmonious family because my parents got divorced when I was 4 years old and I don’t have any siblings. My mother worked as a tailor and received many offers to sew many clothes, she also could do the haircut. I lived in the shelter from when I was 7 years old until 10 years old, then my mom took me out of the shelter and we lived together for several years. But when I was 14 years old, she had trouble with her finances and took me to the shelter again until now. One year and two months after my mom sent me to the shelter, she never visited me again, I was so confused.

Then at that time, my caregiver accompanied me to find my mom at my old rent house, but we didn’t find her. So we tried to find her at another place and asked the neighbors, but they also didn’t know about my mom. I don’t know why my mom left me, but I pray every day for her, may God always give the best for her. What I know, my mom put me in the shelter to give me a better life and education. I believe in my heart that my mom didn’t leave me, she only wanted to take time, I’m sure I’ll meet her someday.

My hobby is reading a book, so I have a good motivation to study well for the law course. Thanks for supporting me!


Message from Lenny, August 2022

First I want to say thanks to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for trusting me to get this scholarship and thanks to God for His blessings until this day. I am very grateful because there are many people who always support me, the donors for providing us with food and money, and the caregivers for giving us the advice to be better children.

After passing two years of study, now I’m in the 5th semester of Law major at Tarumanagara university. From the 1st semester until now, there are many interesting courses that make me more enthusiastic to study.

At the end of the semester, there was a donor who gave us a free vacation to Dufan. There we played together and it was so fun because many challenging games like a roller coaster, rafting, etc. It was fun because it was the greatest holiday ever.

Sincerely, Lenny


Message from Lenny, 2021

First I want to say thank you and very grateful to God and to Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for giving me a chance for my higher education. In the 3rd semester, I got so many experiences. Even though it’s still a pandemic, I am still excited to learn about all lessons because I can study in a quiet room that makes me comfortable. In the shelter, there are many rooms to study. Together with all the university students in the shelter, we discuss and study together. I like to live in the shelter because there are so many activities during holidays, so we always have something to do during pandemics.

I get so many friends at university and I really want to study at university when the pandemic is over, so I can meet all of my friends. So it will be easy for me to discuss the lessons with the lecturer or my friends. When I do group study with my friends, I usually do my assignment using a computer or laptop that belongs to the shelter because I don’t have any laptops. But I like studying during pandemics because we can do assignments easily by doing discussions on zoom meetings.

My holiday in the shelters was good too, on December 5th, 2021 we celebrated the birthday of the head of the Hati Suci shelter. In that event, we remembered generations of leaders in the Hati Suci shelter from the past until now.

Greetings, Lenny


Message from Lenny, 2021

I feel so grateful because I am in healthy condition and still given the opportunity to study in this 2nd semester. Studying in the 1st semester and the 2nd semester are different. I got many experiences, knowledge, and more friends because we switch our classes every semester.

This semester, my social life has changed. Suddenly I feel my friends act differently toward me, but we are still friends anyway. The history course was difficult but I enjoyed it because my friends and I helped each other to get the answers and learn more from our faults.

During the final test, I had to do a research project. I visited the West Jakarta court with my group to get some materials that we need for our research, then we summarized them into a research report. I’m so happy because finally I could go out of the shelter and get to know my study friends. Since we studied online, we haven’t seen each other.
I hope this pandemic will end because I really want to study on campus, so I can meet my friends and lectures, then we can ask and discuss anything.

Sincerely, Lenny


Message from Lenny, January 2021

After 6 months of studying at Tarumanagara University, I had so many experiences, I learned many lessons about law courses.  Even though I still study online because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m so happy too because I got good scores for the 1st semester. I had one lesson that was hard for me in managing my study time because I need to study two times for this lesson, in the morning and also at night at 7:00 p.m., but now I’m so happy because my effort is not in vain.

During the lesson, I like my classmates because they are so kind. We always study together every night using Microsoft Teams to improve our homework from the lecturers. If there is any of us who doesn’t understand the homework, we used to help each other together.  We are very good friends.

In the shelter, I had a fun holiday because we did sports every weekend together with other children. We played football, badminton, basketball, and any other sports. Besides that, I also played online games with my campus friends, we played mobile legends and unknown’s battlegrounds. We were so happy.


Message from Lenny, 2021

First I want to say thank you and gratitude to God and to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for giving me a chance to get higher education in Indonesia. I have promised myself that I will not disappoint people who care for me.

During my first week at college, we got an explanation about the introduction from the Law faculty, the major that I joined. I was very happy because I got new friends in my group, some of them are from other faculties. We did many activities to do our tasks, but that was very fun because we could get to know each other, then we became friends on Instagram and had an online meeting on Zoom until night to finish our project together. In the Law faculty, I have three close friends, they are Zayyan, Assyifa, and Dian. We met each other at a campus contest event, and from that moment we get so close and know each other.

When I started my first course, I was very happy because my lecturer is very funny and he explains his lesson clearly. I have four lecturers, they are Mrs. Rugun, Mrs. Idah, Mr. Sugandhi, and Mrs. Vera. My favorite lecturer is Mr. Sugandhi because he always does icebreaking during class so we can relax while studying, it makes me very happy. He also never gets mad at us and always has a passion for teaching us.

As a Law student, I get so many projects. I usually do individual projects, and some other times we also do group projects. There was a contest in the Law faculty named Tarumanagara Internal Law Cup, my friends and I join this contest as a group. Even though we didn’t understand and were confused about the project, we enjoyed it by helping each other.