Communication (2021)

My name is Lisa. I am from Hati Suci  Shelter. I now study Communication Studies at Tarumanagara University.

I was born in a normal family. It can be said that I was born in a family where, when I was a child, everything was well. But since my father quit from his job, the economy in my family slowly decreased. My mother works in Malaysia as an employee in a supermarket. For several years I lived together with my father. The condition of our house is good in summer, but when it rains, the roof is leak.

My father always taught me to be grateful in any circumstances. This is what always makes me live calm and always feel sufficient. Circumstances change from time to time. After I graduated from elementary school I was recommended by my father’s friend, who was a Math teacher at Hati Suci School, to live in the Hati Suci shelter, because of the condition of my father, who was not able to take care of me properly because of the bad economy in the family. I accepted the situation, in which I had to stay in Hati Suci  Shelter. I didn’t feel that I was dumped by my father. That day I thought that it’s a safe place for me to live and all my needs are provided well. So I didn’t feel sad.

Since I was little I really like dancing. My mother once told me that when I heard the sound of music, I would reflexively dance, following the tempo of the music. Because I really like dancing, I made it one of my hobbies. My other hobbies are playing guitar, environmental photography and drawing cartoon animations. The more I get to know myself, the more I develop my hobby and learn about it.

In Hati Suci Shelter, there are additional activities during holidays. One of them is contemporary dancing. But I feel that my interest is not in line with the existing genres. I prefer to participate in Kung Fu. I think it’s better to try new experience because dancing can be self-taught and Kung Fu is also quite useful for me to protect myself. This month (July 2021) the number of the Covid-19 pandemic casualties in indonesia is so much increased. Some activities, such as learning English, learning Mandarin, make-up class, were all delayed.

A few weeks ago I was positive for Covid-19. I was quarantined for several weeks in one room in the shelter, together with other friends who also got infected. I am very grateful that during quarantine, all of our needs were provided well. I got foods and medicine from the caregivers. Thank God, I wasn’t quarantined at home, the situation would be more difficult considering the family’s economic condition. After two weeks of quarantine, I had an antigen test, the result was negative, it means I’m healed from Covid-19. I was very grateful to God, to the caregivers and also to my friends, who also participated in helping me during quarantine.

I am very grateful that I was chosen to be one of the recipients of the Heliconia Scholarship. I was very moved when I was told that I passed the interview test and receive this scholarship. Because during the interview I was so nervous. But I tried to cover my nerves, so during the interview I could aswer all questions well.

In the morning, minutes before the interview begun, my heart was beating quite fast. But after seeing that the interviewers were very friendly, slowly my nervousness was getting less. I remember, that during the interview I was moved and cried. I was carried away by the atmosphere. The next day I was notified on email that I was accepted as a recipient of the Heliconia Scholarship. I feel very lucky. Because I firmly believe that there are many teenagers out there who are smarter than me and have special abilities, but because of the economic condition in the family, many young people can’t afford their dreams in studying. So, as a person who receives this scholarship, I will take this seriously. I will try my best to show that I am a person who will not waste this opportunity. I will do my best so Heliconia will not be disappointed in me.

I want to thank the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, which has been helping so many people, especially in the field of education. I also want to thank the donors, who are willing to help us to pursue a better education. I understand very well that the costs which are required for college are not cheap. So on this occasion I will give my best.

Sincerely, Lisa


Lisa’s first progress report will follow soon!