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Guidance & Counseling (2020)

My Name is Paska and I live at Hati Suci Shelter. I was born in Jakarta in 2001. I currently study at Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atmajaya, majoring in Counseling & Guidance. I started studying in 2020. I’m so grateful because Heliconia would help me, so I can continue my education to a higher level, and I’m also very thankful recieving this opportunity by getting a scholarship, so me and my parents don’t need to worry about my tuition fee. I choose Counseling & Guidance major with a purpose, because I want to be a Teacher who creates a good characters for the students and I want to finish my college within the regular four years. I want to prove to Heliconia that I can achieve my dreams.

My hobbies are watching movies about history and biography, and singing. At school, I practiced many things, I like to play basketball and I was chosen to be the captain. I can sing very well but I’m shy sometimes when singing in front of many people. I also can play guitar since I was at elementary school.

I have a simple family who live in Tangerang, my father’s name is Hengky Sutanto, and my mother is Gwat Ing. My father only graduated from junior high school and my mother graduated from senior high school. To provide for my family, my father worked as a gas cylinders seller. He was patient, full of love, never give up, and willing to sacrifice, but three years ago, he passed away. When I heard that news, I felt so bad, because he left a substantial debt, while my mother only work as a housewife. My mother can’t work, because she has diabetics that causes her eyes to not see well. But my mother is a strong woman, she is patient, always praying and loves her children. My parents have four children and I am the 4th child.

When I was a baby, my father had a plan to give me to the Priest at church, because at that time my family’s financial situation was very poor and he was afraid of not being able to pay for my life fees. But he was a very responsible father, so I was not handed over, but I was put in the shelter.

I was moved to the shelter since I was 5 years old. At that time, I did not know the reason why my parents put me in. I felt happy because there were many friends here. When I grew up, I understood why my parents put me here, they did not have enough money for my education, they were afraid I would be like them who only graduated from high school. They want me to get better education and they hope that I can go to college. In the shelter, I have learnt many things. I learnt to be disciplined and grateful in life. Eventhough there were many unpleasant feelings, but I make them as experiences and life lessons to make myself better.

I am very grateful to God that I can get the Heliconia Scholarship to help me to continue my higher education. When I said to my family about this awesome news, they were very happy. They always pray for the best version of myself. I promise to myself, to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, to Hati Suci Shelter, and to all people who support me that I won’t disappointed them. I hope Heliconia can grow very well to reach more children to help their education.


Paska’s first progress report will follow when she has finished her first semester!