Industrial Engineering (2019)

My name is Reza. I’m from Vincentius Putra Shelter and I entered the institution in 2007 when I was in the first grade. In 2019, I started studying at Tarumanagara University majoring in Industrial Engineering. My feelings when I got this Heliconia Scholarship: first of all I was very grateful to God for sending people from the foundation to support me. And secondly, I was very happy because I got an appreciation for my high grades and good achievements when I was in vocational high school. Now I can continue my study to a higher level. My goal is to become an entrepreneur in the industrial sector, preferably in the oil sector. My commitment to Heliconia is that I will study hard and get good grades. After I graduate from university, I will help the foundation by guiding younger students in their studies.


Message from Reza, January 2021

During the 3rd semester, I studied online from the shelter, and not allowed to go home, because the workers of the shelter were worried if we stay at home, we would be uncontrollable and we might not have enough internet credit for studying. The college also recommended the students study online to reduce the covid-19. During online learning, the lecturers provided materials and assignments on Google Classroom, make video calls on Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. During this online learning, sometimes there were some problems, such as network problems which make me and my college friends were late in getting assignments or materials, so the college assignments were piled up.

In October 2020, I had the middle exam. During the exam, I always experienced a problem such as a bad connection with the wifi. After taking the middle exam for about 2 weeks, as a result, the score came out. Praise God, my scores were increased. I am very happy because I got good results, but there were still unsatisfactory scores and I would improve my scores on the final test.  Several months later, the final test was begun. I thank God and very happy because my scores are very satisfying. When I got good grades, I felt like I don’t want to disappoint the shelter and Heliconia anymore. I hope in this 4th semester, I will get better scores to appreciate this scholarship.

Sincerely, Reza.


Message from Reza, 2020

In March 2020, Indonesia started experiencing Covid 19 pandemic. It impacts the teaching and learning activities. To avoid the Covid 19, our shelter (Vincentius Putra Shelter) sent children who still have a family to study at home. The lecturer also suggested the students study online to avoid the Covid 19 virus. So during the pandemic, I took part in online teaching and learning activities. While studying online, lecturers provided material and assignments through Google classroom or did video calls through Google meet or Microsoft teams. During this online study, there were some problems, we experienced network problems that made my friends and me late to give away the assignments or materials. Because of this pandemic, teaching and learning activities become even faster. It makes us even busier because of so many assignments we must do.

In April 2020, I had the middle exam. During this test, I always experienced problems such as the internet credit ran out or there was any problem with my laptop. After taking the middle exam, two weeks later the results came out. Thank God my scores are much increased. I was very happy because I got good results after study hard.

After the middle exam, I studied to prepare for the final exam because the final exam was accelerated, which used to be in May or June. I was excited for the final exam because I was sure I could get good grades this semester based on my middle exam scores. After taking the final exam for about 2 weeks, the results came out. And praise God, I am very happy because my grades have become even much better. After I got good grades, I no longer disappoint my shelter and Heliconia.

Sincerely, Reza


Message from Reza, 2020

After the middle test in 1st semester, I did many assignments and I studied hard to get good grades for my 1st semester. My friends asked me to join a religious activity called Adhyatmaka. Adhyatmaka is a Catholic student organization for all students from various majors at university. I participated as a part of the committee in the decoration division for the Christmas Eve event. In the committee, I met friends who always cheered for each other, we laughed and had fun together. Before I did the decoration, my friends and I needed to find and collect the used bottles for 4 weeks.  On December 23rd, 2019, the day before Christmas Eve, we made a Christmas tree from the bottles that we had collected and we decorated it.

The next day, I went to campus to tidy up the room that we used to celebrate Christmas Eve. Before the mass was started, we had a briefing with the committee and we did some preparation. During the mass, I was very happy because there were many people who attended the Christmas Eve celebration. The number of guests who came was beyond our expectations.

At the end of 1st semester, I was very happy because I was able to attend Christmas mass with my campus friends. Thanks to all donors who always care and support my study. I will study my best. Thank you!

Sincerely, Reza


Message from Reza, 2020

My name is Reza. I’m a new student at Tarumanagara University. I was very happy because I have met some friends at the campus, we became good friends and help each other to study. This early semester, I joined the futsal (football) competition at university against other departments. I was very happy because my team and I became the 1st winner representing my department (Industrial Engineering) in the futsal competition. Because of that moment, there are many friends at the campus who started to know me, and I got more new friends.

During college life, I still live in the Vincentius Putra shelter. People in the shelter always support me by giving encouragement to me in campus activities or any other activities. Some of my friends in the shelter help me in any lessons that I don’t understand. I will study my best for the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, I will try to achieve better grades.

Sincerely, Reza