Accountancy (2016)

Hello, my name is Sefta. Before joining Heliconia, I lived at Hati Suci Shelter. Now, I have completed my study of Accounting at Trisakti University. I started college in 2016. I once thought, that maybe I would not be able to continue my study because I need to work first to collect money, but God gave me a great opportunity through Heliconia. I was very happy and very grateful when I was given the opportunity to continue my study at a higher level. My happiness did not stop there, Heliconia also gave me the opportunity to choose my dream university. Thank you, Heliconia! I have the motivation to learn everything that can not be replaced by technology because in the future there will certainly be many things and professions that will be removed and replaced by technology. I want to be able to adjust myself to face the future. Whatever is needed in the future, I must be able to adjust it. With the kindness of Heliconia, I will try not to let Heliconia down. Someday, I will also help the next generation who are growing up in shelters. So there will be more students who will be given the opportunity to continue their studies in university.


Last message from Sefta, November 2020

Hello, I hope we are always healthy and kept away from all kinds of viruses and diseases. Considering the current condition regarding the COVID-19 virus, we all need to maintain health and hygiene. I am deeply saddened by the current state of the world, may God always protect us all, and this period is soon over.

Thank you to Heliconia, for all your support, so I can be what I am today. I have completed my thesis examination. After passing through the stages full of anxiety, I was finally able to pass it thanks to you all. A few weeks before the thesis exam, I was discouraged because my data was not normal. Finally, I decided to change the measurement data, thank God my data can be normal in the last 2 weeks of thesis examination registration. I also registered for the thesis exam on the last day of registration because my Supervisor Lecturer was sick, so he gave his signature of approval on the last day of registration.

I was very grateful to have a very good examiner who did not make me feel intimidated. So that I could calmly and confidently explain the contents of my thesis and also answered the questions well. I am satisfied with the results, even though I really did not expect to be able to achieve good results. In fact, I did not think I could pass the thesis exam without any revisions. God is very good, He always makes it easy for me in all matters and fulfills everything I need. I was supposed to graduate on April 7th, but due to the current situation of the COVID-19 virus, it was postponed until the 22nd of November.

Now, I do an internship at Dhika Permana Accounting Partners as a Consultant. My job is to compile client financial statements every month. I am very happy working there, very pleasant office friends and also my boss is very good. Several times I was invited to have meetings with clients, it was a very valuable thing for me. Lots of knowledge and experiences that I gained. After the internship, I will continue to work in this company because my boss has offered me.

To Heliconia, I am very grateful. Thank you for accepting me to be a part of you, thank you for giving me such an extraordinary opportunity, and thank you for financing me until I graduate and hold Bachelor’s Degree. Without Heliconia, maybe I could not be who I am right now. Forgive me if I have disappointed you or not according to your expectations, but my biggest desire is to boast to you. I really don’t want to disappoint you. Even though I have graduated, I will always devote my time and energy to Heliconia. I will assist in finding financial support for Heliconia. I will also help and guide juniors in need. Once again, thank you very much Heliconia for your kindness. I am very proud to be a part of Heliconia.

Sincerely, Sefta


Message from Sefta, 2020

This is my last semester at Trisakti, the 7th semester. Soon I will end my study. I’ve experienced many struggles this semester, but I’m sure I can get through them. I felt left behind because some of my friends had finished their thesis before the holidays, but I realized that everyone has a different process. But I am still optimistic. Now I’m working on chapter 4 for my thesis. Pray for me! My Supervisor Lecturer guides me very well, he gives various suggestions when I’m confused about anything.

This semester, my grades are quite satisfying. Hopefully, I can graduate Cum Laude. This semester is tiring because I teach 3 classes. But the juniors that I teach are very good and quickly understand the lessons that I explain. They are very diligent in class and do their tasks well.

After the final exams, my friends and I slept over at one of my friend’s house. We had fun and did many things together, remembering that we will graduate soon, it will be very difficult to do something like this again. We played various games and watched movies until morning, masked together and also we celebrated one of my friend’s birthday.

Entering the beginning of 2020 is very sad. After overnight rain, we only celebrated the new year at home, in the morning when I woke up I was shocked by the flood in front of my house. My family and I rushed to tidy up all-important belongings and files to be saved. Thank God we were safe from the flood. I really did not expect this situation, but I am still grateful because my family and I are still safe and healthy. Even in other areas, there are more severe floods.

Sincerely, Sefta


Message from Sefta, 2019

In the 5th Semester, I tried again to register as a Lecturer’s Assistant in Accounting. Although at first, I felt hesitant to try again, in the end, I did it. I sent my CV, then they briefed me, after there were writing test and teaching test. During the written test, I did it well without missing any questions. What most scared me was the teaching test, I was very nervous. I prayed before entering the room, I asked God to give me the fluency to speak, so I won’t be nervous. I waited for the results for a week, and thank God, I was accepted as a Lecturer’s Assistant in Accounting. I am very happy.

I have also started my assignment as a Lecturer’s Assistant, I teach Financial Statement Analysis. Teaching has joy and sorrow. I’m happy because I have many friends and also became acquainted with many seniors. I’m also happy because I get income from teaching. Students in the class that I teach are very eager to learn, they always respond when I ask questions, and they also always do the assignments on time. However, some of them are also lazy, rarely enter classes, and are always late for the assignments. I really appreciate students who are passionate about learning and give them additional value.

Lecturer’s Assistants are allowed to supervise exams. My friends and I immediately registered for it, because every supervisor will get financial compensation and food. The assistants are very happy to supervise the exam because it’s very profitable.

On May 12th, I went to the Flea Market in Hati Suci Shelter, but this year Heliconia doesn’t make a booth for selling. Only Veronica and Sherly visited us.

During the fasting month, my friends who are the Lecturer’s Assistants also, some seniors, and I held Iftar together, even though I’m not Muslim but we love to do this together. My friends and I who organized the Iftar, looked for a place with a suitable location and prices. The program went smoothly and impressively for the seniors.

In the 6th Semester, I will take a TOEFL test as a requirement to do the thesis. I hope I will get a good Lecturer to guide my thesis. I pray that I can finish the thesis well and on time.

On this holiday, I got the opportunity to teach a laboratory for a short semester, starting from July 17th to August 2nd. I had 40 students in the class, and most of them are employees. Even though they have jobs, they were enthusiastic about taking classes and always on time doing the assignments. They paid attention, asked if they didn’t understand, and responded to me well. Because they were very enthusiastic while studying, I also was enthusiastic to teach their classes even though I taught night classes from 6 pm to 9 pm.

On July 21st, I met with all the members of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. The purpose of our gathering was to be informed about several new regulations and the distribution of the mentors, the mentors will help us if we have difficulties and also can be our friends to share stories and ask for advice. We were gathered at the Vincentius Putra Shelter.

Now I do my thesis until chapter 4 already, which is processing data.  I had many doubts when I do my thesis,  I’m afraid if the title of my thesis is not interesting, unable to master my research, and most important is my consistency while doing it because sometimes I thought to change the title of my thesis. Then I motivated myself, I should not only think about bad things but think about how to find and make my thesis more interesting.

Soon we will celebrate Christmas, I am very excited! This year the youth was entrusted to be on the committee of Christmas at Church, and I become the Treasurer.

Sincerely, Sefta


Message from Sefta, 2018

In this 4th semester, I was in the same class again with my friends. I feel lucky to have friends like them and to be in the same class with them again, just like the last semester. They are very kind, friendly, helpful and they are smart. We are always together, since the 1st semester.

Every day I go to campus by train, because there is a train station near my house. Using the train is very efficient, because there is no traffic jam, and I can quickly arrive at campus. So I’ve never been coming late for my class. But there is something bad about the train. It’s so crowded and so crammed sometimes, that makes me arrive at the campus messy. But that’s not a big problem. A bigger problem is sometimes there are thieves on the train. When it’s so crowded they can easily take something from the passengers. But if we are careful and keep our things close, we are safe.

On May 12th, I joined ’12 May Action’. This is an action to remember the history of political chaos in 1998 that included my campus which is the Reformation Campus. It was my first time joining this kind of action, which is held every year, to remind the government to solve the shooting case of 4 Trisakti students 20 years ago. Until now, the issue has not been resolved, which is a bad thing. I was with thousands of Trisakti students, using a black shirt and the alma mater came to the Presidential Palace of the government to make them listen to our voices. Although the day was very hot, we did not care. It was a memorable experience, but this will be the last time that I joined because after that action I was sick and very tired.

In the 5th Semester, I registered myself to be a Lecturer’s Assistant. There were several tests like Administration Test, Written Test, and Teaching Test. My grades are sufficient to register for Lecturer’s Assistant, then I sent my CV. I waited a few days for the announcement, and I passed the administration step. I also passed the written test, thank God! The most difficult step is the teaching test. I was very nervous when I had to teach in front of seniors and some Lecturers. It made me blackout, I really forgot what I should discuss because I was not allowed to bring any notes or other materials. I was so sad because I have been studying and praying to pass it. But it’s okay, I will not be discouraged, I will try again next semester.

This holiday, I join Karang Taruna Organization. Karang Taruna is an organization that brings together youth in the neighborhood, who have the aim to strengthen kinship ties in the neighborhood. I have joined this organization for one year, and I have been a treasurer twice in this organization. Joining the Karang Taruna organization is very fun, besides getting a lot of friends, I also get a lot of experience, like how to manage the organization, how to work together in a team, respect others, and much more.

See you, Sefta


Message from Sefta, 2017

I’m happy to be in the same class with my friends again in the 2nd Semester. I also meet new friends. My schedule now is different from the 1st Semester, this semester I need to come home late at night two days in a row. It makes me so tired. Sometimes I arrive home at 10 pm, it makes me can’t even do my homework because it’s too late and I need to rest. Other times I arrived home at 12 pm. The next day, I didn’t go to university because I was too tired.

I had the most memorable first experience with my friends from Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. We went to a flea market at Hati Suci Shelter. We opened a booth for Heliconia to sell ‘used clothes’ there. Used clothes that we collected were sold at the price of IDR 5.000 to IDR 15.000.

I got to know my Heliconia friends that I’d never met before, like graduated student Susan. And we were also assisted by Veronica’s (former student) friends and Susan’s friend. What an amazing experience it was. Many clothes were sold and the results of sales were quite satisfactory. Hopefully next year we will have this opportunity again, maybe we also can sell other goods.

In the 3rd Semester, I experience a Company Visit. My friends and I visited a company to learn about Accounting Information Systems in the company. At the company, we met and talked to one of the staff who helped us by answering all of our questions. By visiting the company, I got more knowledge and can compare the practice with the theory that we have learned.

I was so happy to finally met all members of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation at Mili’s wedding, I also met Carli (the CEO of Heliconia in Amsterdam). Congratulations to Mili! Mili asked us to be her Wedding Organizer, I was very excited because it was my first experience, and although it was tiring, I learned a lot. I learned how to organize events, cooperate, share tasks, work fast and help each other.

See you later, Sefta


Message from Sefta, 2016

Hello, I’m Sefta. I think studying at university is different from high school. When the Lecturer can’t attend the class, we may look for another day to reschedule the class. I hate this situation because it causes us to stay longer on campus.

One day in middle test week, I came late for the test, because I fell in the mud on my way to class. That was a bad day because it was very smelly mud. I went to the restroom and I called my friend to bring me new pants. It was a very bad day. I hate that day because I wanted to give all of my attention to the test, but I couldn’t because of that incident.

In the class, there are some presentation tasks. We should make a presentation of each chapter from the book, therefore we must understand the chapter we present. Because if we don’t understand, our friends will not understand the material that we explain. From the presentation, we were taught to do self-learning, and training to appreciate our friends’ presentations and we also discuss the materials together in the class.

After the final exam was finished, my friends and I went to Dufan (an entertainment park in Jakarta) for fun. Because coincidentally, Dufan had a sale on the entrance tickets that day. We had so much fun.

Greetings from Sefta