Accountancy (2010)

I’m Susanah and I studied Accountancy at the Satya Wacana University in September 2010. March 15, 2014, was my graduation day. Thanks to Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for supporting my study, makes my dream to study Accounting come true and I have a good job now. I hope I can help my family and help others as Heliconia does. Heliconia is a very kind foundation and can make a big impact for Indonesia in the education sector.

To all grantees of Heliconia, I wish you enjoy your study and can graduate soon. Be active in campus organization and explore your knowledge more, not only by textbook but also by practicing more. Your knowledge will get improved and help you to get a good network for your future. Then your family will be proud of you and you can help others too.


Last message from Susanah, 2014

After finishing my thesis about Accounting Information systems I had the thesis trial on January 24th, 2014. On March 15th, 2014 I celebrated my graduation day. On that special day, my parents, my sisters, and my nephew attended my graduation ceremony in Salatiga. I wore a Javanese dress, it’s called kebaya. On that special day, I met my college friends. We shared our plans to look for a job and were wondering about our careers in the future. I have another dream to continue my study for Master’s Degree, but in recent time, I will focus to find a job first. I want to get some experience by working as an accountant, if there is any opportunity to continue my study, it will be so great.

Finding a job in Indonesia is not easy, especially as a fresh graduate. Nowadays the company requires an employee who has a minimum 1-year of working experience, but I will try to apply it, hope there is a good chance for me. Finally, The Mining Corp accepted me as a Tax and Accounting staff. I hope I can learn and explore more about accounting and have a good career in this company.

Thanks to my family and Heliconia Foundation, who support me studying at the university until now. Thanks for your care during this time. Like Heliconia Foundation, I will work hard to collect some money so I can help my family and others. Studying at the university is important for me, I wish there will be more Indonesian students who will have the opportunity to get higher education.

Best regards, Susanah


Message from Susanah, 2013

I can’t stop saying thank you for supporting my study. Thanks to my family and donors who care and support me. I’ll finish my study soon and will do my best. I join Financial Management Assistant, and I take my proposal class for my thesis. At the end of this semester, I will join Mitra Gahana (Nature Lovers Organization) in my faculty to explore and do conservation on Karimun Jawa Island.

On the 22nd -25th of April 2013, I joined Nature Lovers Organization. The program is called Expedition and Conservation of Karimunjawa Island, Jepara, Central Java. It took 6 hours from Jepara to Karimun Jawa Island by ferry or 2 hours by express boat. Karimunjawa Island has beautiful scenery and an extraordinary view of underwater life. There is a Mangrove forest that tourists can visit. On the first day, my team & I planted some trees and cleaned up the area by collecting the garbage. We also explored a beautiful beach and enjoyed the sunset. On the second day, we were snorkeling to see the beautiful underwater life. That was my first time to do a snorkel and see the beautiful underwater life, it was amazing. At the end of the day we visited Penagkaran Hiu (shark breeding), we also swam with the shark, what a creepy experience. We had so much fun.

This semester I become a Lecturer Assistant for the Introduction of Statistics subject. As a Lecturer Assistant, I discuss with the students and do some exercises. Sharing knowledge with friends is very exciting. I learn how to share my knowledge to others and make them understand.

I also have some Laboratory classes. I did exercises and solved some cases and practiced like a real Accountant. I learned about auditing, Law, and Taxes consulting, and Accounting Information systems. I even got a certificate as a Taxes Consultant (in Indonesia known as Brevet A and B), this license is issued by Indonesia Taxes Office. Even though Laboratory classes are more complicated, it’s more fun than just studying theory. I have many experiences. This is so interesting.

Thanks to all donors who always care and support my study. I will study my best. Thank you!

Sincerely, Susanah


Message from Susanah, 2012

Since I joined Student Senate Faculty Organization I’m busier than before. I have many things to do for the organization. We are the student representatives to make some programs and held many events. There were many problems that we faced, but we could handle them together. I have learned many things from the organization, such as how to solve the problem, how we face different characters, build togetherness, and many more.

In March 2012, I joined The Accounting Competition and Exhibition (TRACE). My team was chosen to be the best 10 to do the presentation in the Seminar. Our topic was “Analyze the Readiness of the Lecturers and the Students in the Accounting Department in Faculty of Economics and Business, Satya Wacana Christian University to Face the Fully Adoption of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in Indonesia”. My team became the Best 5 in that competition. That was really a great experience I’ve got.

In February, I joined LLKM (Intermediate Student Leadership Training). In this training, I learn about how to be a Leader, and how to be a Students Leader at the University. All materials that Lecturer shared with us were about Leadership, how to be a public speaker, how to lead a meeting, management conflict, and many more.

In March, I participated in the Seminar titled “Inspire, Instruct, Improve: Other Side of Business” by Tung Desem Waringin as a speaker (he is one of The best Motivators in Indonesia) and Anna Avantie, a famous Designer in Indonesia. I also participated in a program called “Saving Private Salatiga The Series”. This program focused on how to serve a community. We helped clean the environment in Salatiga by collecting garbage and separating it based on its types. We also do “fogging” around in some areas to tackle the mosquito larva that causes dengue fever.

I want to say thank you to people who care about my study, to my big family, and to donors who have supported me by facilitating my study, so I can reach a brighter and better future.

Sincerely, Susanah


Message from Susanah, 2011

This year, I join an English Conversation class. I hope I can learn more about English by practicing more. I feel confident because I am taught by native speakers, who come from America. They let us know about the differences between Indonesian culture and American culture. They sometimes give us time to discuss, and we also can ask more about anything with them. I also join a campus organization called ATTEX (Accounting The Explorer). This organization shows us updated information about Accounting and its system in Indonesia.

My relationship with friends is so cool. We can be tutors for each other, so we can study together. Although we are in different classes, we still always meet together to share our studies.

This year is so special because Carli, the Chairman of Heliconia with her sister Rachel, and her father Richard came to Salatiga to visit me. We spent so much happy times here. I learned so much from Carli and Rachel, they like to dance, Hip Hop, and also listen to music. They stayed in Salatiga for two days, after that they continued their trip to Yogyakarta. That was a sad moment for me, I will miss them.

I went back to Jakarta to visit my family in August for holiday. That was a special holiday for me because my sister celebrated her wedding on August 13th. It was a great celebration and a nice party. I’m happy for them and hope they will live happily ever after. That was a big party in my family. We were so happy.

After the holiday, when I went back to campus, I decided to join University Student Senate Organization. There will be many programs that I must prepare for the whole year. I wish I can do the best for my study and also for the organization. I decided to join the organization because I want to learn more about teamwork and practice sharing my idea with others. Thanks for always supporting me.

Sincerely, Susanah


Message from Susanah, 2010

Attending class at the university is a new thing and an exciting experience for me! Unlike Jakarta, Salatiga is a small town and I don’t know much about this town yet. Salatiga has nice weather. During the day it’s warm, but in the morning and night, the temperature is cold. The nature here is also beautiful. Salatiga is a nice town to study in because this town is quiet and not much distraction.

The university where I study Accountancy is called Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW). Many cultural activities were organized during the first week. We were also shown around by senior students, who guided us to study in our first semester. There was also a gathering for all new students on the faculty. We spent three nights at the camp to get to know each other. We did many fun activities, like creating a sense of solidarity and unity among new students. One week after, we were officially initiated as first-year students and accepted as students in the Economics and Business Faculty.

I always pay attention during classes and concentrate while studying. It is very important to do homework because the teachers often give tests without any notification! We also regularly get extra assignments. Despite my busy life here, I am still able to maintain good contact with my family in Jakarta. I miss them very much, we call each other sometimes and send emails too. It gives me the motivation to continue and study hard. My family is waiting for me and I know that I am not only studying for myself, but also for them.

The students on my campus come from around Indonesia. Because we are all new here it is easier to adapt and feel at home in Salatiga, Central Java. Because many of my new friends come from different regions, I can learn a lot about their cultures and their ways of living, we also share stories and experiences. This is very nice and interesting!

Sincerely, Susanah