Accountancy (2014)

I’m Susi and I used to live in Pa Van Der Steur Shelter. Now, I’m a student at Trisakti University, majoring in Accounting. I started studying at this university in 2014 in Public Sector Accounting, for which I got my diploma in 2017 (D3 level). Then I started my bachelor’s degree at the university level (S1), for which I will graduate in 2020. I was very grateful when I got the Heliconia Scholarship because it’s very important to have high education for everyone. At university, I gain knowledge, build self-confidence meet new people, and make new friends. I believe that I can achieve my goals as an auditor and change my family’s financial situation. After I graduate from university I want to remain part of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. I wish to help the new students who are from low-income families, like me and support them in achieving their dreams and goals, just like Heliconia did for me.


Last message from Susi, January 2021

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for supporting me throughout my studies, from my diploma to my bachelor’s degree in Accounting major. I had taken my thesis and comprehensive exam on August 15th, 2020, and on that day I passed with a B+ score. I had to carry out an online trial due to the coronavirus pandemic, this situation did not reduce my joy and enthusiasm for attending the thesis trial. Even though I was late for the trial registration, there were missing documents that I had to complete, and the process was quite long which made me postpone it, but I was grateful that I finally passed.

After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, I now continue to work as an auditor at KAP Mirawati Sensi Idris (a group of Moore Global Network Limited). After I graduated, the firm where I worked also promoted me to a senior auditor and I plan to develop my career in this firm. In the midst of a pandemic like now, it is very difficult to find jobs in Indonesia. Many thanks to Heliconia and the donors who have provided a scholarship for me, so that I can achieve my dream as an auditor.

Once again, I would like to thank you, because, during my study with the Heliconia Scholarship, all of the board members, cooperation partners, mentors, and donors have always supported me to achieve my dreams. I am very happy to be a part of the Heliconia family. I have received much valuable support. I hope that after my graduation, I can support Heliconia and become a mentor for the students who are currently studying with a Heliconia Scholarship. I hope that the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation will become even bigger because there are many youngsters who have high competence and passion but are hindered by a lack of funds to achieve their dreams.

Warmest regards, Susi


Message from Susi, 2019

In the 4th  semester, I started to do my thesis. I made research about fraud auditing in a company. I wanted to know how the perspective of the fraud pentagon can detect financial statements in a company. To do the observation, I needed financial report data that has been audited from the banking sector, the company should be listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2016 to 2018, and the company should present the financial report in Indonesian Rupiah. My lecturer helped me in preparing my thesis by giving me advice and criticism to make my thesis better.

After I graduated with a diploma, I have to work to fulfill my living needs in Jakarta, because my family’s economic condition can’t afford to pay me. My little sister will go to senior high school, so it will need more costs. I work as a Junior Auditor in a small public accountant firm, I’m grateful to work in this firm because I can learn more about auditing and how to make a perfect financial report.

In the 5th semester this year, I finished my thesis and now I’m waiting for the thesis examination schedule. While waiting for my thesis examination, I try to find another job in some Accounting Firms as an Auditor. I am hired at Moore Stephens, one of the big ten Accounting Firms in Indonesia. I will start working for them in January 2020 after the thesis examination. 

Thank you very much to Heliconia Scholarship Foundation and everyone who supports my study at University. I feel grateful for your support both financially and morally, and give hope for a better life by giving me an opportunity to study at university.

Sincerely, Susi


Message from Susi, 2018

Thank you Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for your support of my education. I’m so grateful for being a Heliconia member, that I got the scholarship and can study at one of the reputable universities in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

During the December holiday, my family and I went to our hometown in Purbalingga, Central Java. I celebrated Christmas with my family. I was happy to meet my relatives. Besides for the holiday, we went there also to visit my grandfather who is sick. I hope his health will get better.

Now, I don’t live with my cousin anymore, because she moved to our hometown in Purbalingga, Central Java. So right now, I live with my good friend Wenny. She is from the Pa Van der Steur shelter too.

During the holiday I had a vacation with my friend Wenny and her uncle’s family. We went to Taman Bunga Nusantara in Bogor. There were many beautiful flowers and plants. After two weeks of holiday, I continued my study to prepare for the final exam. I studied harder than the last semester. I pushed myself to study and practiced to solve some cases in each subject. The problem was that the exam questions were not made by our lecturers, so sometimes the questions didn’t match with what we had studied in class (there isn’t a fixed curriculum at Indonesian universities). To solve that problem I studied together with my friend from the other class. The final exam was held on July 7th – 14th 2018. I was so glad I received better grades than the last semester. Even though I failed one course.

I also felt very sad lately, because my brother decided to quit his study at university, and decided to find a job. That’s very disappointing to my parents also. I have tried to give him the advice to think more about his decision. I hope he will continue his study again. For me, studying at university is very important for our future and career. So we can get the opportunity to have a more successful life.

Thank you so much for all your support for me. I pray may God bless the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation and all of you who support me.

Sincerely, Susi


Message from Susi, 2017

Thank you to Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for the opportunity you gave me, so I can continue my study for a bachelor’s degree in accounting (S1), and continue from Diploma (higher vocational education) to bachelor’s (S1, university education). I started a bachelor’s degree extension on August 28th, 2017. Thanks to my family and donors who care and support me. I’ll finish my study soon and I will do the best I can.

All classes are held from Monday to Friday in the evening hours, from 18:30 to 21:00; and in afternoon hours on Saturday, because most students are employees. So I work too in a small company near my campus.

In laboratory class, I learned about financial statement analysis, did some exercises, and solved some cases.  I learned how to analyze the financial statement, and the ratio, and analyzed how a manufacturing company reports its financial statement to Indonesia Stock Exchange. In Accounting Information System class, I learned how to analyze accounting information systems, and how to build and implemented database systems. In Accounting Management class, I learned about budgeting. I analyzed the budget, how to manage the costs, and decision-making.

I was so happy when I met Carli and all members of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation at Mili’s wedding. When Carli was in Jakarta, I also spent a day with her before she went back to the Netherlands. I was so happy to meet her and talked with her. Her life story inspires me.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Sincerely, Susi


Message from Susi, 2016

Thank you Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for your support in my study. This year I moved out from Pa van der Steur shelter because the head of the foundation moved the shelter to Bekasi (about 1,5 hours from Jakarta). So now I live with my cousin in Meruya, West Jakarta.

This year I joined the 5th  Bali International Choir Festival in Sanur, Bali. The competition was held from July 25th to 31st  2016. We sang some songs titled “Sing a song of sixpence”, “Salve Regina”, “Wak Wak Gung” (a traditional song from Jakarta), and “Badminton” (a traditional song from West Java). We were very excited to join the choir competition in Bali, we stayed for 9 days, from July 25th  until August 2nd, 2016. We won 4th place in the Mixed Youth Choir category, and we won 2nd place in the Folklore Choir category.

This year is the last year of my Diploma 3 level (higher vocational education). I had to do an internship in Public Accountant Firm and do the final assignment. I started an internship on October 17th, 2016 at DBSD & A Public Accountant Firm. I worked from Monday to Thursday, because on Friday and Thursday I had to go to college.

Sincerely, Susi


Message from Susi, 2015

Thank you to Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for your support, so I can be as I am today.

In Accounting Information System class, my lecturer gave a task to make a flow chart. There were two activities: activity from purchasing and selling products. We made the flow chart of a trading company. I chose Audio Level Company which sells electronics goods for car audio. We visited the company to get some documents that were required for this task and interviewed the accounting department staff. I also learned about the accounting system, we were taught to do Acosys software. I was very interested to learn it because it’s simple and I also get a free CD to learn at home. In Financial Management class, I learned to analyze the ratio of financial statements. I analyzed PT Matahari Department Store, PT Matahari Putra Prima, and PT Ramayana Lestari Sentosa. I got some documents from Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange). I was excited to do this work because my lecturer said we probably can get a job if we did it well. I also got a task to do research on the application of Management Information Systems in Indonesia. We did it in a team, my team did the research about the E-budgeting of the Jakarta Province Government. We visited PT Murfa Surya Mahardika, a consultant company that serves Management Information Systems and Information Technology. We interviewed Mr. Farhan and Mr. Bertony and we got some documents from the company to make our papers.

This year I’m interested to join the choir at university because I like to sing. I was accepted as data bank division in the choir organization. My job is to record a music sheet and save it as a data bank. My first performance was at Trisakti Graduation Day. I practice choir every Tuesday and Thursday after class.

I joined the choir competition between faculties at University which was held on November 18th, 2015, we practiced three times a week. We sang 2 songs titled “Potong Padi” and “Pleper” (a traditional song from Central Java). Our faculty received the highest score in that competition.

Thank you Heliconia Scholarship Foundation for giving me a chance to study in college. Thank you for your help to reach my dream. I will study hard next semester.

Sincerely, Susi


Message from Susi, 2014

I want to say thank you for trusting me to receive a scholarship to continue my study at university. College life is a new experience for me, I’m very pleased and excited to learn at university. University, where I study now, is Trisakti University, one of the best universities in Jakarta. The major that I study is Public Sector Accounting. I started my study on August 26th, 2014. My faculty has a program to welcome all new students, Study Orientation, and Campus Introduction for two days. We were guided by some senior students.

The lecturers give us some tasks in class like making papers and doing presentations, we do it in a group and individually. I needed to look for a case for my paper and presented it in the classroom. I try to study my best, although it’s difficult sometimes because it’s a new thing for me to learn in the university academic system. Now I get used to it and enjoy my university life.

On October 15th I had a mid-test. During the mid-test I studied hard, if I get good scores I don’t need to take remedial. I was so excited to do the exam.

Thank you for your support, Susi