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Nutritional Science (2012)

Hi, I’m Veronica. I was raised in the Hati Suci Shelter. I studied at Universitas Indonesia for four years. I started in 2012 and graduated in 2016. I studied Nutritional Science in the Public Health Faculty. When I was granted to get the Heliconia Scholarship, I was so thankful to God and the foundation. Finally, I could continue my study at university. I promised myself to make the foundation proud of me. The future seemed clearer for me at that time. Now, I work at the Lighthouse Clinic as a Nutritionist. I can support both myself and my mother. Before, we lived apart for 14 years because she had to work overseas. Now, we live together. The Heliconia Scholarship made our reunion possible. The foundation gave what I really needed: a chance for higher education and accommodation during my time as a student. I lived right next to the campus. Heliconia taught me to have responsibility and to care for each other. Heliconia supports me like a family.


Last message from Veronica, 2018:

Studying At University Enabled Me To Reunite With My Mother

I lived in Hati Suci orphanage since I was 6 years old. That was my first home besides my family home. I grew up there and studied in their high school for 11 years. So, I lived separate from my mother and family in that time. Every two weeks, I could go home and gathered with my family on the weekend.

My mother went to Hongkong as a migrant worker, not long after I was put in Hati Suci. We couldn’t see each other even when I went home in the weekends. She stayed with my cousin who is a Hongkong citizen. My mother helped her as a housekeeper.

After I graduated from Senior High School, the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation found me and gave me a scholarship for university. Shortly after, I got accepted for the major Nutritional Science at Universitas Indonesia. I was feeling so blessed that time.

My university life was interesting and exciting at the same time. I was in a positive environment. I met good friends. I learnt deeper about nutrition. My knowledge was opened broadly. I explored my soft skills by participating in student organizations and several events. Heliconia  was very supportive with what I did in university. This foundation supported me not only with the tuition fee, but also with books, events, and costs for accommodation. After four years, it was ended well. I graduated with Cum Laude predicate and so much life experience.

Before graduation, I applied for jobs online and offline. I got three job offers. I think, my resume is quite competible because of my educational history and good experiences.

I chose to work as a dietitian in the number-one weight management and bariatric clinic in Indonesia. It has been two years since I started there, in August 2016. I really love my job because I can help many people to be healthier, more confident and more active. Not only that, the company also appreciated my hard working and promoted me. Now, I can take care of myself and be independent.

This year, I was confident to also start taking care of my mother. I wanted her to take a rest as she is old now. So, my mother has come back from Hong Kong and we live together now in Jakarta. I’m so much looking forward to spend the rest of our time together, because I’ve missed my mother so much over the years.

The summary of what I want to point out is that studying in university not only gave me an educational degree, but it also gave me the capability to live independently with my ownself and family.

Many thanks to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation, for helping me to achieve my dream of a brighter future for myself and my family.



Message from Veronica, 2017

I want to say thank you to Heliconia for supporting my bachelor degree. After I graduated, I applied a job to some companies. I applied for some positions such as; Dietitian, Nutritionists, and Food Scientist. There were many companies who called me, I was interviewed and got accepted in some companies. After comparing their responsibilities, duties, and benefits; I confirmed myself to work as a Nutritionists at PT Shape Up Indonesia (Light House), a bariatric and eating disorder clinic for obesity or overweight people. I do nutrition consultation for people who want to lose or just maintain their weight by assessing, giving menu, teaching them about calory, changing their mindset about health and review the diet. In this field, the science is different from what I had got in college. It is more practical and specific. I learn how to read characteristics of patient, so the consultation process will be more effective. I like the working environment because there are many professionals; such as Doctor, Specialists, Pharmacist, Nurse and Nutritionists. I want to gain more experience and learn more from this company. Thank you Heliconia for everything you have done for my education and for my future.

Yours sincerely, Veronica


Message from Veronica, 2016

This year I did thesis or final assignment to complete bachelor degree in Nutritional Science, Public Health Faculty, Universitas Indonesia. I had a Supervisor Lecturer who guided me doing the thesis. I started doing the thesis proposal on January 2016. I was interested to do research about children. I wanted to do a validation study of assessing children food consumption methods. Interview was usually used to get recall in children. But, some studies showed that recall interview in children was low accurate. Because of it, some researcher tried to develop a valid method to assess children food consumption. One of the developed method was “Day in the Life Questionnaire” (DILQ). Studies showed that DILQ was a valid method to assess children food consumption. But, In Indonesia, there was none of study or research that used DILQ. After finishing the thesis proposal, my examination was on March 16th 2016. The examination was passed well. I was so happy that I prepared and did the best for the thesis proposal examination.

After I passed the thesis proposal examination, I went to Nurul Fikri Elementary School in Depok, as my research location. I was attracted to do Validation Study of Food Recall in that school, because they provided lunch for all the students. We met a secretary of the school and the person who was in charge in serving lunch for the students. We told them about our collecting data method (schedule, activities, and person in charge) and we told them that we need them to support this research.

I gathered research enumerators (chosen students) directly to help me in collecting data. I started to collect data on April 2016 in Nurul Fikri Elementary School, Depok. My targets were 4th graders and 5th graders. All chosen students were observed by eating lunch from school, they were recalled for having lunch. Some students got DILQ questionnaire for the recall, and the other students got interview for the recall. I gave them souvenir as appreciation for becoming our participants. My analysis method was based on a recent recall validation journal.

Completing the thesis needed integrity, so I was trying to make progress each day. My thesis examination was on June 7th 2016. I was so happy and also nervous. I tried to present it well. The committee was so interested with the theme, because I was the pioneer who did research about Recall Questionnaire Validation Study in Indonesia. After one and half hours examination, they announced that I passed the thesis examination. I was so happy and so grateful.

The graduation day would be on August 25th – 26th 2016. I want to say thank you to all of my Lecturers, family, friends, and Heliconia Foundation who supported me both in material and moral through my four-years-college-life in Nutritional Science Universitas Indonesia. I want to make Heliconia proud of me, because without you, I can’t be as I am today.

Yours Sincerely, Veronica


Message from Veronica, 2015

This semester, I got Counseling course. We got assignment to inteview anyone who lives in a social dormitory. We had to practice as counsellors. I interviewed one of Hati Suci children. As a counsellor, I learnt how to help client by understanding their problem and their feelings. Counseling was more about guidance than orientation. Every client had different problem and goal. So, this course provided us the conceptual framework to enable us to think systematically about human development and to view client’s behavior. We also learnt how to treat and respond them during counselling session.

I joined International Conference of Food Safety and Nutrition 2015. We made an innovative idea from banana peel. We collected good references about the nutritional value and health benefits of banana peel. We also tried to make a pie with banana peel as the filling. We did test to know the product acceptability. After that, we made an abstract and submitted to the committee. That was a good experience to join an international conference and to develop my writing skills about nutrition.

This year, I had an internship at Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung, West Java. I was an intern as a Hospital Nutritionist. The Nutrition Installation division gave us presentation about Food Management System in the hospital. We did observation and analyze food processing in the kitchen. The processes were included planning, buy, receiving food, preparation, producing, distributing, serving, monitoring, and evaluation. We had to analyze the process of making food; diet food, non-diet food, and food formula. We also did recipe modification. We tried to make a recipe for children snack. The modification result was Fruit Pancake with Strawberry Sauce. We intended to make an alternative snack for children patients. The modification recipe was accepted in taste, portion size, ripening level, but still needed improvement in texture and aroma. The next day, we applied a product to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point in the hospital. The product was Cocktail Soup. We ensured the cocktail soup in the hospital was free from physical, biological, and chemical hazard and safe to be consumed.

We had to screening new patients, If they have risk of malnutrition, we had to do assessment by collecting patients data: anthropometry, biochemical/laboratorium, clinical, dietary history. We diagnosed the patient based on the nutritional status. I met many patient cases and had to make the Nutrition Care Process in different cases: cancer, chemotherapy, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, fistula ani, herpes zooster, stroke, tetanus, TBC, meningitis and many more cases. I experienced paediatric, teenager, adult, and geriatric patients. My internship was ended on October 20th 2015. It was a precious moment to take care the patient and collaborate with other health professional in  the hospital.

Sincerely, Veronica


Message from Veronica, 2014

I applied as a crew in Nutrition Expo 2013, there were “Pre-event for Opening & Closing Ceremony”, National Nutrition Seminar, Photography and Poster Competition, Nutritionist Wanna Be, and Sience Competition. I became a committee in “Pre-event for Opening & Closing Ceremony”. I had to promote the event to attract people to join. We also searched sponsors from some food industries and other corporations to sponsor this event. We invited some Trainers from “Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia” (Indonesian National Sports Committe). Participants also could measure their Anthropometry (weight, height, fat percentage). We also invited a TV program called “Makan Besar Trans 7” (a culinary tv program). We prepared everything for shooting with the TV crews. We cooked food in big portion.

On November 1st – 3rd 2013, we held the main event of the Nutrition Expo 2013. There were Opening Ceremony, Science Competition, and Nutrition Skill Training. The finalists came from other universities. Each of them presented their ideas about an “Effective Way to Socialize Balanced Nutrition”. We had Nutrition Skill Training, the participants were taught by us about how to measure their daily calory intake, how to arrange dishes menu and how to do light exercise (physical activity), and how to get the ideal body. There were National Nutrition Seminar and Talkshow, the theme was about Balanced Nutrition. We invited some great speakers from Health Department of Indonesia and Danone Institute. There was “Nutritionist Wanna Be”, a program that provided health service for public. We held it at Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat Beji (Beji Public Health Center) in Depok. I was so proud and happy to be a crew on this event. I learned so much from this event.

As staff of Social Concern Department, I had one latest program called “Kimakiga” which means ‘Kita Sama, Kita Keluarga’ (We are the Same, We are Family) on November 8th 2013. Kimakiga was a social program that was held for disability children such as autism, deaf, or down syndrome children. I choosed Sekolah Luar Biasa Nur Abadi (Nur Abadi Disability Children School) in Lenteng Agung. There were 90 disability children from Junior to Senior High School. We shared knowledge and taught them about Nutrition and Hygiene, we played puzzle game about nutrition, we ate healthy snacks together, we shared story about school, we did aerobic, sang and danced together. That was the best and unforgettable moment with them.

On March 2014, I applied to Asosiasi Keluarga Gizi (Nutrition Family Association) 2014 as a staff of Human Resource Division. We held a meeting in Puncak on March 1st – 2nd 2014. The main purpose of this meeting was to plan the next programs and to revise rules and law of this organization. On the first day, we did revision of rules and law, every division was needed to present their programs. The next day, we did aerobic, outbound, then we held management training.

I was recruited for Nutrition Expo 2014. I became the head of Nutrition Skill Training, which will be held on October 2014. I recruited five staffs, and we did our first meeting on April 24th 2014. The theme was “4 Pilar Gizi Seimbang: Investasi Kemajuan Bangsa” (Four Aspects of Balanced Nutrition, an Investment to Develop the Nation). I needed to responsible of one aspect, “Managing Weight with Balance Nutrition and Physical Activities”. The purpose of this aspect was to train people how to manage intake, output, and follow-up their weight to get the ideal weight.

On September 2014 I went to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital and Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital to practice dietetic for the patients. I prepared, cooked, garnished and served meal for the patients. I learnt many cooking methods and food style (oriental, continental, western). I cooked many kinds of food that were contained: appetizer, main course, and dessert. The purpose of the culinary in hospital is to serve healthy food with good appetite, so the patients will be interested to eat and get healthy soon. I had to modificate the recipe and cooked it by myself. I also needed to do the screening of patients, and gave them Nutrition Care Process. After visiting the hospital, we cooked the menu that we made and presented in the class.

I want to say thank you to Heliconia Foundation for supporting my education, so I can be as I am today.

Kind regards, Veronica


Message from Veronica, 2013

I went to Pocari Sweat Industry in Sukabumi on January 3rd 2012 with The Organization of Nutrition for Company Visit. We learnt about the history, process, and the product of Pocari Sweat. We saw the lab and the process of making the product. Nutritionists usually work in Food Quality Control, I learnt many things by visiting this company. I was really happy.

In the Organization of Nutrition, I was chosen to be in Social Concern Department. We made some plans for the next programs. We also went camping to build togetherness. I was very grateful by joining this organization. I learnt how to arrange the meeting, think creatively and critically, socialize with others, build a network, make social event, and also being care and respect to each others.

As a staff of Social Concern Department of Nutrition Family Organization, I had to make a social event to socialize and inform people about Nutrition. On March 23rd  2013, we held an event named Gizi Bakti Masyarakat (Public Service Nutrition) in Depok. We gathered 30 mothers to participated our event. We gave them information and discussed with them about Balanced Nutrition and how to practice it in our daily life. They were very excited to participate the discussion. They also asked and shared about some nutrition problems. We gave them pre-test and post-test to get to know their knowledge about Nutrition. That was my precious time to learn more about Health Promotion.

The second social event was held in Depok on April 27th 2013. There were 40 women who participated our event. As one of the facilitator, I learnt how to communicate with elder people and how to promote Health. We facilitated them to count their Anthropometry (weights, heights, and fat levels). They also did consultation about how to get the ideal anthropometry. We were very happy about their response about this event.

In October, we had the last social event at Kukusan district in Depok. We gathered 60 women at a mosque. We divided them into Small Groups which was guided by 2 students. We gave them pre-test before giving the Intervention (advise). We shared and did discussion about Balanced Nutrition Concept in daily life. They were so enthusiast. They asked many questions and shared their own experience to each others. They were so excited and funny. We also gave them some clinical advice.

I also participated Family Health Faculties Collaboration that was gathered by all Health Faculties to learn how to cooperate for patient safety. It was very important for me who will be a health professional to collaborate with other health professionals. I also learnt about Human Psychology and Diseases. Although I was tired because of so many assignments, I always think about how blessed I am that I can study at university. I will make my mother and people around me especially Heliconia Foundation proud of me. That is my motivation to study harder for a better future.

I joined in a research about Food Nutrition. I did the research by analyzing some foods which are usually consumed by the students. I bought some foods and count the nutrition facts; such as fat, carbo, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The result was not good because most of the foods were not cooked well. The ingredients were not healthy and some bacterias were shown up. After that, we published the result to the canteen by making a poster. That was very interesting to get this experience. I learnt to count the ingredients and made nutrition facts.

I also wanted to develop my soft skills such as Leadership, so I applied to be a Leader in English Debate Competition Crew. The competition is one of the Science Festival events in my faculty. I gained lots of precious experiences to be a Crew Leader. We held meeting every week and prepared for the competition. I also developed my English skills and have learnt so much about debating competition.

During Final Exam, my classmates and I held a seminar about Smoking Free Area. We also held a T-shirt and Pin Design Competition with “No Smoking” as the theme. I really love not only my nutrition study, but also my organization and activities outside the class because I can develop my soft skills such as; leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and also event organizing. I also learnt how to interact with others who have different character.

The lecturing system was changed for the 3rd semester, called “tutorial”. We were divided into some groups of 15 students. We were given some Nutrition cases, then we had to find the main problem for each case. We made many questions based on the case scenario and find the answers. We discussed all the answers and summarized it to be presented. The scenarios were based on some topics: such as macro nutrient, micro nutrient, nutrition for baby, children, preschool, pregnancy, and breast feeding period. We also learn about Anthropometry: measuring people’s weights, heights, and fat percentage to know the nutrition in their bodies. We needed to be active in discussing cases. We learnt how to find main cause in nutritional problem and found the solution by making and answering questions.

I joined a trip which was facilitated for all students in my faculty to know more about learning system in Nutrition major at Brawijaya University Malang. We went together by train from Jakarta to Malang for about 17 hours. On the way, we sang, played card, shared stories to each other. There was a talkshow for us to know more about their academic system in Nutrition.

We were shown around to see their facilitations (classroom, hall, laboratory, canteen, and cooking room). Their laboratories is more complete than our campus. At night, we went to Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). We did lots of fun. At 11 pm we went to Mount Bromo to see the sunrise. We arrived at Mount Bromo at 3 am. Even we had already put on thick and warm clothes, it was still so cold. We rented a jeep to go to the peak for the best view. The guide told us about their culture, traditions, beliefs, customs, and legends of the native Bromo villagers called ‘Tengger’. We were so interested about it. It was so crowded on the peak because there were many people visited there too. The sunrise began at 5 am. It was so beautiful and amazing to see the incredible sunrise view in Mount Bromo. We went down the mountain to see wide beautiful field, cliffs, valley and the sand hill. We were not allowed to go to the crater, the place that villagers used to worship their Gods by giving crops and livestock. Before leaving Malang, we also enjoyed Malang culinary and bought handcrafts too.

I really enjoyed the trip to Malang. My friends and I learnt lots about Nutrition and wanted to advance the Nutrition system in our campus to be better.

Regards, Veronica


Message from Veronica, 2012

I want to say thank you to Heliconia for trusting me by giving me the scholarships to study at university. I am very pleased and very excited to learn. I am accepted at University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia), one of the best university in Indonesia. I have studied hard for the test to get the scholarship in this university. I am accepted as a student in Public Health Faculty at University of Indonesia. Furthermore, I got the scholarships also.

I started my classes on September 3rd 2012. University of Indonesia held an opening ceremony for all new students. I was introduced all about the university and its academic system. We also had to make groups between new students to discuss subject matter. We did presentation, paper and project too.

To be an active students or before we join any organization, every new student must do some tasks or assignments for a month. If we get point below the standard, we are failed. There were so many tasks and difficult. I had to make a paper about health issue, interviewed some public figure in my living area and at university, wrote 1000 dreams of mine, made a life plan for a month ahead, made an essay about plagiarism, smoke, and drugs, also collected 500 signatures of the seniors at university. That time was so hard for me and my friends, because we had to finish all tasks and also study at the same time. In October, after finishing all tasks, they announced our points. I was so surprised and excited when I heard my point was passed, so I can officially join any organization at university.

I applied to Nutrition Organization. After I am accepted, I have to do some tasks, attend some meetings, participate the events, and also learned about the organization’s structure. There are so many things I need to learn, such as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, event organizing and so on.

I joined a social activity by Public Health Faculty. We went to a small village in Bogor named Jonggol Village. We sold clothes, stationaries, books, rice, oil, instant noodle, soaps, shampoo with cheap price to the villagers. We provided some doctors to serve the villagers by giving them free treatments and drugs. We also held an intervention for some mothers  in the village. We also played with the children in the village, sang together and taught them how to live in healthy life and be clean. The villagers were very excited. I was really excited too because that was my precious experience to help other. I had so many unforgettable experience.

The Organization of Nutrition that I joined also had social activity. I went to a school for disabled children in Depok. We held an intervention for parents about how to feed their disabled children. We also played with their disabled children, did aerobic and ate together. I tried to communicate with them and interested to understand about how they feel. They have both physically and psychology disorders. We took some pictures with them and sang together. That was a very great time.

In December, I had Final Test. There were 3 tests every week. My group had to make a project about Indonesia and Pancasila. We decided to make a project about Indonesian Traditional Games as our unique culture. We prepared a video and perform some unique traditional games of Indonesia. In Health Communication subject, my group had to make a short movie about how to a be a good counselor.

I thank you for giving me a chance to study at college. Thank you for your help so I can reach my dream. I will study hard and get more precious experience.

Regards, Veronica