Queen’s Day 2011 and 2012

Queen's Day is the only day in the year that everyone in The Netherlands is allowed to sell their used items on the streets. Anna and her relatives from Alphen aan den Rijn took the opportunity to sell old products for the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation (formerly known as Stichting Heliconia), in both 2011 and 2012. Weeks before the special day they were already busy collecting items. The events were a great success, raising €250,- in 2011 and €160,- in 2012.

Anna: 'The Heliconia Scholarship Foundation has not been around for very long and to raise awareness we opened a booth. We had collected many used items in advance from family and friends, so we had a lot to sell. That is why we had such a fantastic return! We have never collected so much money on Queen's Day, so we were perplexed. It was really fun to do and many people responded positively to our mission!'

Many thanks to Anna, her relatives, everyone who provided merchandise and bought the goods!


Carli is our operational manager and founder of the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation. She is responsible for the daily management of our charity, upkeeps our administration and oversees the whole. She is also the contact person for our cooperation partners Naomi and Mili and students in Indonesia. In addition, she created the website and writes news updates. Learn more about her by clicking on her profile in Our Team!