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Not everyone has financial help to offer. However, there are many other forms of support!

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You can help us by sharing about our mission. Tell your friends and family about our work and the importance of higher education. This spreads awareness!

Unfortunately, very few people worldwide have access to college or university education. This should change. With a university degree doors open to influential and legislative positions. People coming from disadvantaged backgrounds themselves are more likely to care for the needs of their underprivileged fellow citizens, who generally have less agency to step up for themselves. Our world needs people in charge from more varying cultural and social backgrounds. This ensures that the needs of all layers of society are taken into account and that global equality can be obtained. Therefore, it is essential that more university scholarships are made available, in Indonesia and other countries where studying is now only accessible to the top layer of society. Even if we can support just a limited number of youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds, it already makes a difference!

Share About Community

You can also help us and others by sharing about our founding story. We hope that it inspires you and your surroundings!

This charity is the result of the friendship between founders Carli and Mili and their dedication to growing together. Despite their different social and cultural backgrounds, they instantly bonded when they met in Jakarta. Soon they decided to work together and make a change. Our small charity eventually grew bigger and gained more positive impact. We have become a dedicated Heliconia Community, in which all staff and students feel connected. This commitment to each other ensures the durability and success of our mission.

Every person has the potential to have a positive impact on their surroundings, by being open and kind. Take good care of yourself, so you can also take care of others. It doesn't matter how big or small your influence is, it always makes a positive change. So reach out and bond with the people and values that matter to you. The ones that make you feel loved and connected to a greater community. Support others and let yourself be supported. We all need each other. We are one world together!