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Meet our students! Click on the profiles to read about their experiences at university. We intent to accept four to five new students into our program every year. For more information about our selection procedure, see Heliconia Scholarship.

Informatics (2022)
Communication (2022)
Nursing (2021)
Accountancy (2021)
Communication (2021)
Chemistry (2021)
Law (2020)
Accountancy (2020)
Guidance & Counseling (2020)
Psychology (2019)
Pharmacy (2019)
Law (2019)
Industrial Engineering (2019)
Chemical Engineering (2019)
Pharmacy (2017)
Guidance & Counseling (2016)


Meet our graduates! They stay connected to the Heliconia Community by helping with the selection of new students and sharing their knowledge and skills as mentors. Click on their profiles to read about their experiences as students and how they are doing now!

Accountancy (2016)
Accountancy (2014)
Psychology (2012)
Nutritional Science (2012)
Accountancy (2010)
Student Affairs & Founder


We have also had two dropouts. They taught us to improve our selection procedure and give better guidance and support to our students. Read about the lessons that we learned by clicking on their profiles!

Pharmacy (2017)
Accountancy (2016)