Susanah graduated!

Susanah graduated for the major Accountancy at the Satya Wacana Universitas in Salatiga, in March 2014! She was the first student to receive the Heliconia Scholarship and can be set as an example for all who follow. She completed her study in just 3,5 years instead of the usual 4 years and with excellent study results. We are very proud of her and wish her all the best for the future! Read Susanah's graduation report below and see her profile for more reports about her experiences at university.

Graduation report Susanah
Dear donors of Heliconia,
March 15, 2014 was my graduation day. On that special day, there were my parents, my sisters, and my nephew attending my graduation ceremony in Salatiga. I had prepared for this special day a month in advance. The graduates had to wear a traditional dress, and I chose Java style, it’s called kebaya. On that special day I met my college friends again after my last thesis trial. We shared about our time to find a job vacancy and career for the future. My friends and I prefer to find a job first, and then continue studying in master's degree. Accounting in theory and practice is different, so we want to get some experience in accounting in the real world first. After that, if there is an opportunity to continue my study, it would be great to continue it one day.

Finding a job in Indonesia is not easy, especially for fresh graduates. Nowadays companies want employees that have minimal a year experience, but I still applied and I hoped I had a good chance. At the end a Mining Corporation accepted me in their Tax and Accounting staff. I hope in this company I can learn and explore more about accounting and have a good career.

Thanks to the Heliconia Scholarship Foundation that support me, my dream of studying Accountancy and getting a good job came true. I hope I can help my family and other students like Heliconia did for me. Heliconia is a very nice foundation and it has a big impact for the youngsters that it supports. 

Dear Heliconia students who receive a scholarship, I wish you enjoy your studies and will finish it soon. Be active in campus organizations and explore your majors more, not only in text books but in practice too. It will improve your knowledge and help you to have a good network for your future. Then your family will be proud and you can helps others too. 

Best regards,


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