Susi graduated for D3 and continues in S1

Susi just graduated for Public Accounting at D3 level (higher vocational education) and moved on to S1 level (university education). Congratulations Susi! She started studying at the Trisakti University in Jakarta in September 2014. To obtain her bachelor’s degree in S1 she will continue in evening classes at the same university. All the best Susi and we are already looking forward to your bachelors’ graduation!

Picture above: Susi and her parents at her graduation ceremony for D3.

Text below: part of Susi’s graduation report. For more reports about her experiences at university, go to her profile.

Thank you, Heliconia, for the opportunity you have given to me, so I can continue my study in bachelor’s degree of Accounting (S1). To continue from Diploma to bachelor, the university made a conversion for the courses that I already did for Diploma. My courses at Dilpoma count for 86 SKS (study points). Now, I’m in the 1st semester, the extension class for students coming from Diploma, and I take 20 SKS in this regular semester and I will take 2 SKS more in the short semester of next year. I will also take 2 subjects in laboratorium class. So, in total I will take 22 SKS in this semester.

All the subjects of the extension class are held in evening hours, from 18:30-21:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. Then we have normal hours on Saturday, because most of the students already have a job. So I took a side job too, in a small company near my college. As an extension student, I met new friends from another university, who are continuing their study in Trisakti University. Mostly they came from University of Indonesia and STAN (a vocational school).

I started this semester on 28th August 2017. I’m so exhausted and I’m grateful to already be so far in my studies. Thanks for my family and donors who care and support me. I’ll finish my study soon and will do the best I can.



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